Twice a week, Ken Jennings and John Roderick add a new entry to the OMNIBUS, an encyclopedic reference work of strange-but-true stories that they are compiling as a time capsule for future generations.

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Episode 411: The Great Bell of Dhammazedi (Entry 548.EX3925)

In which the largest bell ever cast spends four centuries in the mud at the bottom of a Burmese river, and Ken makes a terrible grandfather clock decision. Certificate #50855.


 2021-11-16  51m

Episode 410: The Kalakala (Entry 681.2S1918)

In which a burned-out ferry becomes an art deco American icon of the future and then a derelict eyesore, and Ken blames Seattle for the great San Francisco fire of 1906. Certificate #19361.


 2021-11-11  1h14m

Episode 409: The All-Americans Go to Japan (Entry 032.1K0728)

In which a Tokyo newspaperman with big dreams lures Babe Ruth onto a pre-war baseball barnstorming tour, and John regrets that fancy lounges are mostly for drinking. Certificate #36360.


 2021-11-09  59m

Episode 408: Eternal September (Entry 428.1C1533)

In which the 1993 back-to-school week that never ended kills an early outpost of the internet, and Ken annoys online Winnie-the-Pooh fans. Certificate #47957.


 2021-11-04  1h13m

Episode 407: Salmon Chaos (Entry 1098.LK0506)

In which a viral craze inspires hundreds of young Taiwanese folks to put a fish in their names, and John hits a cement wall in his attempts to mate. Certificate #50920.


 2021-11-02  1h18m

Episode 406: Myers-Briggs (Entry 821.2T0223)

In which two pioneering women and amateur Jungians devise a way to classify sixteen different types of human personality, and Ken explains his Star Trek slash fiction. Certificate #36282.


 2021-10-28  1h23m

Episode 405: Bloody Mose (Entry 134.EZ1106)

In which America's first city for free black people rises from the salt marshes of Spanish Florida, and John regrets quoting a Monty Python sketch. Certificate #31305.


 2021-10-26  1h0m

Episode 404: Ramtha (Entry 1029.AC1616)

In which the discovery of quantum mechanics leads inevitably to the reappearance of a 30,000-year-old warrior god from a lost continent, and Ken proposes missionaries for silverware. Certificate #27324.


 2021-10-21  1h27m

Episode 403: The Cahokia Mounds (Entry 173.IS2502)

In which a complex of massive earthworks in southern Illinois is assumed to have been built by Vikings, Hindus, or Welshmen, and John is fascinated by sexy voodoo. Certificate #34924.


 2021-10-19  1h10m

Episode 402: The Cheapside Hoard (Entry 210.MT0620)

In which a mysterious treasure is founded in a central London basement, and Ken has a question about the various beads and bangles of Aerosmith. Certificate #7089.


 2021-10-14  1h10m