Twice a week, Ken Jennings and John Roderick add a new entry to the OMNIBUS, an encyclopedic reference work of strange-but-true stories that they are compiling as a time capsule for future generations.

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Episode 224: Backgammon (Entry 090.EX2816)

In which an ancient Mesopotamian board game briefly becomes a 1970s signifier for glamour and sophistication, and Ken's life is changed by an intense childhood game of Clue. Certificate #31179.


 2020-01-16  1h7m

Episode 225: Masquerade (Entry 763.PS10424)

In which an outsider artist hides a rabbit by a statue and thereby gets a million people to start digging up the English countryside, and John "man-solves" a Satanic temple. Certificate #14162.


 2020-01-14  1h8m

Episode 224: The Tech Model Railroad Club (Entry 1282.1C1220)

In which a room full of MIT train nerds becomes ground zero for modern American hacker culture and computer architecture, and Ken blames Star Wars for ruining children's toys. Certificate #33564.


 2020-01-09  1h1m

Byzantine Rhinokopia (Entry 170.JB4102)

In which the Byzantine throne is contested by various Machiavellian schemes willing to mutilate the noses of their political rivals, and John reveals which Marx brother he is most sexually attracted to. Certificate #34954.


 2020-01-07  50m

Fort Knox (Entry 493.2CH0913)

In which a World War I army camp in northern Kentucky is chosen to house over $200 billion in gold bullion, and Ken proposes nationalizing America's safety deposit boxes. Certificate #2504.


 2020-01-02  1h7m

Induced Demand (Entry 637.EZ1704)

In which we learn why new highway lanes, no matter how spacious, tend to fill to capacity within weeks of opening, and John takes on a hypothetical megacorporation called Goober. Certificate #38938.


 2019-12-31  1h8m

The Leafblower (Entry 707.DA0414)

In which ecologically problematic outdoor power tools accidentally become an official part of the Omnibus, all because John's neighbor refuses to call "Leafbusters." Certificate #25458.


 2019-12-26  53m

The Christmas Pickle (Entry 220.IS0108)

In which a Spokane antique store creates a fake Bavarian holiday tradition from scratch, and John's beard makes him look bigger. Certificate #31503.


 2019-12-24  1h7m

The Max Headroom Intrusion (Entry 767.JB2415)

In which we examine the broadcast-jamming fad of the 1980s, including a puzzling incident involving a masked Chicago prankster, and Ken wants to be a font cop. Certificate #29692.


 2019-12-19  1h21m

Interferon (Entry 652.PS10303)

In which a strange, sticky new protein is declared—on the basis of very little evidence—to be a cure-all in the war against cancer, and Ken refuses to make the necessary sacrifices to become a skateboarding star. Certificate #40478.


 2019-12-17  55m