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2.3- The Townshend Acts

After the failure of the Stamp Act, Parliament passed a new series of taxes known as the Townshend Acts. The colonists were not amused. 


 2014-02-24  27m

2.2- The Stamp Act

After the French and Indian War, the British Ministry started levying new taxes on the colonies. The colonists were not amused. 


 2014-02-16  29m

2.1- The Thirteen Colonies

A brief tour of the Thirteen Colonies. 


 2014-02-10  30m

1.16- The Restoration

The English Monarchy was restored in 1660. 


 2014-01-13  30m

1.16a Supplemental- Sir Edward Hyde, First Earl of Clarendon

  After serving in Parliament and the courts of both Charles I and Charles II, Edward Hyde wrote a massively influential history of the English Civil Wars.


 2014-01-13  11m

1.15- The Good Old Cause

Oliver Cromwell died on September 3, 1658. His son and heir Richard was iunable to hold the Protectorate together. 


 2014-01-06  28m

1.14a Supplemental- The War on Christmas

After the Puritans came to power they tried to abolish Christmas. Seriously. 


 2013-12-25  8m

1.14- The Humble Petition and Advice

The dissolution of the First Protectorate Parliament led to the brief and unpopular Rule of the Major Generals. When the Second Protectorate Parliament was finally called they tried to make Oliver Cromwell king. 


 2013-12-23  29m

1.13- The Instrument of Government

The Instrument of Government was the first written constituion in English history. 


 2013-12-16  25m

1.12- In The Name of God Go

In 1653 Oliver Cromwell dissolved the Rump Parliament and then Barebone's Parliament dissolved itself. The Commonwealth was not getting off to a great start. 


 2013-12-09  28m