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Their tech. Their products. Their stories. In a tech startup, how do you get from an idea on the back of a napkin to a fully functioning product? Code Story is a podcast featuring tech leaders, reflecting the roads they travelled and the products they created. On the show, we interview tech visionaries, digging into the critical moments of what it takes to change an industry, and build (and lead) a team that has your back. Hosted by Noah Labhart, this show is a window into the digital startup world. In their own words, tech veterans share what it feels like to create a world class product, how to recover from critical mistakes, and how to scale your solution to the masses. This podcast is for the tech leader, CTO, CEO, developer, software architect, startup leader, disruptive visionary - or the curious minded individual, who wants to know what a builder goes through in creating world changing technology.

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episode 13: S2 E13: Adrienne Bolger, BlocHealth

Adrienne Bolger grew up in the midwest, and moved up to Boston to attend MIT. She is a lover of running, and was a jujitsu martial arts coach at the institute. Growing up, she loved art and math, and found her way into computer science, trying to find the


 2020-05-05  33m

episode 12: S2 E12: Jack Rhysider, Darknet Diaries

Jack Rhysider is a veteran of the security world. He likes to explore, rather it be through street cycling, empty buildings, alleyways - or just getting outdoors. He grew up with conspiracy theories, but found himself drawn more to a truthful scandal over


 2020-04-28  42m

episode 11: S2 E11: Jason Tan, Sift

Jason Tan started his love of tech back in middle school, when his Dad showed in the wonders 0f connectivity through dial up internet. After taking some beginner programming classes in high school, and graduating with a CS degree from the University of Wa


 2020-04-21  36m

episode 10: S2 E10: Steven Naimark, Ziptility

Steven Naimark started out his professional career as a clarinet performer. Through his passion for performing, he grew not only as a musician, but as a person, finding joy in the discipline required for his craft. After not enjoying the teaching aspect o


 2020-04-14  31m

episode 9: S2 E9: Thane Brimhall, Seek

Thane Brimhall has been passionately building tech for over 15 years. He started by programming his graphing calculator in High School. He has built solutions for prominent startups, such as Weave Communications, Divvy Pay and Simple Citizen. A long time


 2020-04-07  26m

episode 8: S2 E8: Erin Karam, Dina (Formerly Prepared Health)

Erin Karam was a kid interested in everything. She played music, she was into sports, and... into computers and programming. She continues to have well rounded interests today, running marathons, coaching her kids sports teams and teaching them to play mu


 2020-03-31  27m

episode 7: S2 E7: Ryan Graciano, Credit Karma

Early on in his life, Ryan Graciano aspired to be many things - law, writing... and eventually coding, of course. Fun fact, he is an accomplished dog trainer. focusing on animal behavior modification - and more recently, has gotten into powerlifting. Desp


 2020-03-24  37m

episode 6: S2 E6: Dennis Cail, Zirtue

Born in Monroe, Louisiana, Dennis Cail has been involved in the tech world since he started in the Navy. After serving in the Navy, he obtained his CS degree and an MBA in Finance. A family man and father, he realized he was having limited success in gett


 2020-03-17  27m

episode 5: S2 E5: Matt Senter, Lolli

Matt Senter grew up on a small farm in rural North Carolina, dreaming of being a game programmer. A Dad, a husband and musician, he keeps extra busy besides being a startup founder. After selling his prior company CosmicCart, he and his co-founder wanted


 2020-03-10  29m

episode 4: S2 E4: George Deglin, OneSignal

Growing up in the bay area, George Deglin has always been in the middle of the Silicon Valley action. Having both parents being engineers, he was influenced to study Computer Science at Berkley. During that team, he co-founded a startup in the education s


 2020-03-03  29m