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episode 12: Absence Of

You don't know what you don't know. — Jordan Crucchiola is an associate editor at Vulture, where this spring she wrote "An Asexual's Defense of Jughead Kissing Betty on Riverdale." — Ben Schwartz is a LARP writer at the Wayfinder Experience. Episode scor


 2017-10-15  28m

episode 13: This Awful Side of Me

You don't accept it or you don't understand it? — Lewis Wallace is a magazine editor and radio producer in North Carolina. — Liza Yeager is a senior at Brown University, where she co-founded Now Here This. Episode scoring by Jeremy Bloom with additional


 2017-10-22  25m

episode 17: Return to Ring of Keys

Note: this is a rerun of a previous episode. Sarah Lu's first glimpse at life as a queer adult came while visiting Maura Koutoujian's general store back when she was a kid. Years later, Sarah tracked Maura down. Episode scoring by Jeremy Bloom with addit


 2017-12-03  25m