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episode 11: 5.11- The Legions of Hell

In 1814 Simón Bolívar met the Legions of Hell. It wasn't pretty. 


 2016-08-22  41m

episode 12: 5.12- The Desired One

The restoration of King Ferdinand VII spelled big trouble for Spanish American Independence. 


 2016-08-29  36m

episode 13: 5.13- The Letter From Jamaica

Enter José de San Martín and Bernardo O'Higgins.   


 2016-09-05  46m

episode 14: 5.14- El Jefe Supremo

With an assist from the Republic of Haiti, Simon Bolivar launched a new expedition to Venezuela in 1816.  


 2016-09-12  36m

episode 15: 5.15- The Centaur of the Plains

In January 1818 Simón Bolívar met José Antonio Páez. The War of Venezuelan Independence would never be the same. 


 2016-09-19  42m

episode 16: 5.16- Over The Mountains

In July 1819 Bolívar led a legendary march into the mountains to liberate New Granada once and for all. 


 2016-10-03  39m

episode 17: 5.17- The Big Rock On The Side Of The Road

In 1820 a mutiny in Cádiz changed the course of Spanish American history.  . 


 2016-10-10  37m

episode 18: 5.17a- Supplemental Gregor MacGregor

Do not buy land in Poyais. 


 2016-10-24  40m

episode 19: 2016 Fundraiser!

2 T-shirts! 3 Screenprints! 5 New episodes of The History of Rome!


 2016-10-31  10m

episode 20: 5.18- Liberation

On June 24, 1821 the Battle of Carabobo secured permanent independence for Venezuela.


 2016-11-07  42m