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Flowdash with Nick Gervasi

When businesses share a common need such as payroll, commercial offerings can compete for market share with software solutions that easily adapt to a variety of businesses. Not all tasks can be easily commoditized or standardized.



Uber State Machine with Uday Kiran Medisetty

 If you’re working on a proof of concept which you hope will help you raise funding, it’s fine to take a few shortcuts. Use the tech stack you know the best, don’t fall in love with your code, and when you start to experience growing pains,



Build Tools with Benjy Weinberger

Writing software is an absolute joy. Getting software to build is a chore. Thus, build systems emerged as a solution to automate this chore. At some point software engineers either use or hear legends about make and makefiles.



Mental Health

I have taken a break from interviews on Software Engineering Daily. I’ll be returning to host the show this year, and want to make a post about why I needed some rest. The last two years have been extremely difficult for me and I have not responded wel...



Infrastructure as Code with Rob Hirschfeld

Infrastructure as code is a concept that has delighted software engineers, dev ops, and engineering management across the board. It’s neither fun nor efficient to configure the infrastructure and environments software teams require.



Pinterest Engineering

Pinterest is a visual discovery engine people use to find ideas in home, food, style, beauty, and more. The service grew quickly after its founding in 2010 and the company has grown to be a global team of thousands of professionals spanning time zones ...



Practical Machine Learning in JavaScript with Charlie Gerard

Charlie Gerard is an incredibly productive developer.  In addition to being the author of Practical Machine Learning in JavaScript, her website has a long list of really interesting side projects exploring the intersection of human co...



TechLit Africa with Nelly Cheboi

TechLit Africa is a non-profit on a mission to lessen African poverty by leveraging the internet.  Rural Africans lack digital skills and computers to gain from the digital economy, even though developed countries have an abundance of used computers.



Codename One with Steve Hannah

Getting a computer program to run the same in different environments has been a recurring problem since the earliest days of software systems.  Software versioning, versions of dependencies, hardware configurations,



Trifacta with Joe Hellerstein

If you haven’t encountered a data quality problem, then you haven’t yet worked on a large enough project.  Invariably, a gap exists between the state of raw data and what an analyst or machine learning engineer needs to solve their problem.