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Swift on the Server with Chris Bailey

Swift is a language that is most commonly used to write apps for Apple client devices, such as iPhones. Since being released in 2014, Swift has become one of the most popular languages due to its high performance and developer ergonomics. In 2015,


 2017-04-19  1h0m

Kenya Mobile Payments with George Gachui

Most people in Africa never had a desktop computer. The first computer they owned was a smart phone. This is why Africa is referred to as a “leap frog” place with regard to computers–Africa leapfrogged the desktop to the smart phone.


 2017-04-18  1h3m

Political Bots with Samuel Woolley

Bots on the internet can be malicious, helpful, and everything in between. A bot that responds to all of your tweets might call you a socialist–that is malicious. Google crawls the web to index Google search. That is helpful.


 2017-04-17  1h8m

Facebook Open Source with Tom Occhino

Facebook’s open source projects include React, GraphQL, and Cassandra. These projects are key pieces of infrastructure used by thousands of developers–including engineers at Facebook itself. These projects are able to gain traction because Facebook tak...


 2017-04-14  1h8m

Web Tracking with Bill Budington

The Internet is decreasing in privacy and increasing in utility. Under some conditions, this tradeoff makes sense. We publicize our profile photo so that people know what we look like. Under other conditions, this tradeoff does not make sense.


 2017-04-13  54m

Elasticsearch with Philipp Krenn

Search is a common building block for applications. Whether we are searching Wikipedia or our log files, the behavior is similar: a query is entered and the most relevant documents are returned. The core data structure for search is an inverted index.


 2017-04-12  58m

The Future of React Native with Brent Vatne and Adam Perry

React Native has unlocked native mobile development to web engineers who may now apply their skills to build iOS and Android applications in JavaScript. For the first time, cross platform JavaScript-based applications feel as if they were written in th...


 2017-04-11  57m

LLVM with Morgan Wilde

Every program gets compiled down to 1s and 0s before it can be executed against hardware. Before being translated to machine code, programs that are written in a language like Rust, Swift, or Java spend time in an intermediate representation. In Java,


 2017-04-10  55m

Complacency with Tyler Cowen

Engineers in Silicon Valley see a world of constant progress. Our work is creative and intellectually challenging. We are building the future and getting compensated quite well for it. But what if we are actually achieving far less than what is possibl...


 2017-04-07  1h0m

Blockchain Applications with Mike Goldin

Cryptocurrencies are not only a financial instrument–they are a new platform for building applications. The blockchain allows for new solutions to digital property management, micropayments, hedge fund incentives, and ad fraud.


 2017-04-06  57m