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A great first guest for a great first show - The Master of the Roasts, comedian Jeff Ross. With his new book set to hit stores, Jeff and Marc talk about the finer art of the comedic roast, as well as how a roast led to one of the worst nights of Marc's life, and how one of the worst night's of Jeff's life was salvaged by Tom Cruise. Also, in his WTF moment of the day, Marc tells us how an act of crime led to his liberation from Whole Foods Market. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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episode 846: Kathy Bates / Graham Elwood

Oscar-winner Kathy Bates makes her way into the garage for a chat and Graham Elwood unveils his new documentary about podcasting.


 2017-09-14  1h34m

Episode 846 - Kathy Bates / Graham Elwood

Kathy Bates hammered her way into movie and pop culture history with her Oscar-winning performance in Misery. Kathy tells Marc why acting never seemed like an option when she was younger, what she learned working with colleagues like Dustin Hoffman, Jessica Tandy, Mike Nichols, and James Caan, and why after decades of work on the stage and screen she decided now was the time to do a show like Disjointed, a three-camera sitcom with a live studio audience...


 2017-09-13  1h30m

episode 845: Ken Burns & Lynn Novick

Documentary filmmakers Ken Burns & Lynn Novick join Marc in the garage to discuss their latest work, a 10-part examination of the Vietnam War.


 2017-09-11  1h29m

Episode 845 - Ken Burns & Lynn Novick

Ken Burns and his frequent collaborator Lynn Novick have made indelible documentaries about American life, on subjects like jazz, baseball, the Civil War, and World War II. Their latest film is a ten-part examination of the Vietnam War, and Marc talks with them about the bold storytelling choices used in the film, the decade-long process that went into making an 18-hour documentary, and the lessons learned that show we are still living in an America defined by this specific war...


 2017-09-10  1h26m

episode 844: Lorde

A worldwide pop music sensation stops by the garage, as Lorde talks with Marc about her rise to the top.


 2017-09-07  1h15m

Episode 844 - Lorde

Not every global pop superstar would feel at home in Marc's garage, but Lorde isn't your average global pop superstar. The singer-songwriter takes some time before kicking off her worldwide Melodrama tour to talk with Marc about her life in New Zealand, her frequent collaborator Jack Antonoff, and the math of making pop music. They also go down a music rabbit hole as Lorde reveals herself to be a knowledgable student of classic rock, power pop, rhythm and blues, and Phil Collins...


 2017-09-06  1h10m

episode 843: Warren Hutcherson

Comedian and writer Warren Hutcherson talks life and comedy with Marc in the garage.


 2017-09-04  1h35m

Episode 843 - ​Warren Hutcherson

Warren Hutcherson and Marc were getting their starts in standup around the same time. Then, as Marc recalls it, Warren was suddenly a television writer and wasn't on the standup scene anymore. Warren explains how his college-age writing was responsible for his somewhat accidental entry into comedy, which led to him running the network television gauntlet, navigating the conventions and biases of Hollywood on his way to becoming a writer and showrunner on programs like The Bernie Mac Show...


 2017-09-03  1h32m

episode 332: Shelley Berman from 2012

From Episode 332, this is Marc's conversation with comedian Shelley Berman.


 2017-09-01  56m

episode 842: Steve Jordan

Prolific drummer Steve Jordan talks with Marc about keeping the beat in rock and roll and show business.


 2017-08-31  1h32m