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Australia’s most popular D&D actual play podcast! Set in the world of Ogg Nott, a place full of mystery and intrigue - if only the players knew it was ending. Listen to this award winning podcast as our heroes delve deep into adventure, with each season bringing a new story, new characters, and new threats to face. New listeners can start at any season, but veteran listeners will find themselves following a greater story, set over centuries. New episodes every Sunday! Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


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#16 Full Metal Elf

In which our heroes spend way too much time plotting against a racist elf. We attempted to steal personal effects, try to destroy the evidence and fail dismally at hiding anything. Krif does something dumb but it works, Princess Ansley checks on her...


 2015-10-25  32m

#15 Captain DeSilver and his Technicolour Waistcoat

In which our heroes set sail for the other side of the world. We wake up (which is a relief), meet a “fancy” Dwarven Ship Captain and everyone just tries to pick up. Krif scans the ship for “strange”, Princess Ansley meddles in the lives of others and...


 2015-10-18  34m

#14 Of Mercenaries and Magic

In which our heroes engage in misadventures around the town of Old Ashton. We look for hirelings, drink with Markov in the tavern and prepare for our long voyage. Krif tries his best to use up Jiggalump’s nine lives, Princess Ansley works out her bum...


 2015-10-11  33m

#13 A Knight with No Name

In which our heroes actively try to get themselves into trouble... again. We crush a goblin head, introduce ourselves to a knight and decide to travel halfway across the world, based on one roll of the dice. Krif tries (and fails) to magically hide...


 2015-10-04  33m

#12 Goblin for Dinner? Goblin for Dinner

In which our heroes try to overcome loss and continue to journey down their lonely road. We have trouble communicating with Markov, encounter a stranded ship on a frozen river and ruin the day for a bunch of goblins. Krif humps across the ice with...


 2015-09-27  32m

#11 Hello Markov, Goodbye Cartmichael

In which our heroes set off down a cold road, barely ahead of a monster blizzard. We meet a Nordic messenger with a swimmer’s build named Markov, establish how much everyone weighs and a beloved friend ends up in a watery grave. Krif coins the term...


 2015-09-20  33m

#10 An Uncomfortable Horseride

In which our heroes emotionally torture the farmer Dustin. We loot the meagre possessions of farming townsfolk, have the most uncomfortable horse ride ever and return to where this whole adventure began. Krif fits more words than strictly possible or...


 2015-09-13  32m

#9 Proposus Interruptus

In which our heroes face an even more deadly enemy than some simple zombies. We stumble upon a marriage proposal, attempt to kill the bride and end up killing the groom as well. Krif steals a priest’s diary, Princess Ansley once more injures her face -...


 2015-09-06  32m

#8 Those Flaming Zambinis

In which our heroes get pretty damn tired of fighting zombies. We ineffectually battle said undead, use all of our recent purchases for nefarious purposes and defile a sacred crypt. Krif rages at his ineffective familiar (again), Princess Ansley smacks...


 2015-08-30  31m

#7 Those Greasy Zombos

In which our heroes discover that, sometimes, zombies are smarter than bands of adventurers. We offer our services to a poor farmer, travel to a zombie infested small town and pull some Mr Bean bullshit with the undead. Krif has arcane knowledge that...


 2015-08-23  34m