Arms of the Tide

Arms of the Tide is an actual play about fighting for what’s right in an original magitechnological world on the brink of catastrophe, using the Mutants in the Night system. Join Quinn, Jo, Chanel, and Jon and revel in the laughs and gasp at the drama while the only thing standing against the apocalypse are a robot with a fondness for stray cats, a wolf made of living plants with a bad case of depression, and a private eye who’s so done with all of this.

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episode 10: The Blame Game Episode Nine

The plan to fake Vanui's death and cover for Triskaad advances.



episode 9: The Blame Game Episode Eight

The gang asks questions of Vanui as he begins to understand what his new life might mean.



episode 8: The Blame Game Episode Seven

As Kaa security storms Gorfmann's Repose, things heat up for the team.



episode 7: The Blame Game Episode Six

The investigation into the names Triskaad supplied begins and leads to a strange escapade involving bingo, a man named Duke, and talk of infrastructure.



episode 6: The Blame Game Episode Five

Following a short break, it's time for Lions, Cleo, and Local to meet with Triskaad and start moving on the information they've collected.


 2019-05-14  46m

episode 4: The Blame Game Episode Four

The party briefly enjoys some well-deserved rest.


 2019-05-08  35m

episode 4: The Blame Game Episode Three

This week Local finishes his encounter with Siroco, Lions and Cleo meet up with Chalun, and plans for the future are made.


 2019-04-30  32m

episode 3: The Blame Game Episode Two

This week the job continue as Lions and Cleo infiltrate the meeting between the Scrapped and Advanced Placements and Local has a strange encounter of his own.


 2019-04-23  52m

episode 1: The Blame Game Episode One

This week the story begins in earnest as Wari approaches Lions, Local, and Cleo with an offer for a new job.


 2019-04-16  1h24m

episode 116: Arms of the Tide: Episode Zero And Setting Primer

Welcome to Arms of the Tide! Meet the setting and learn a thing or two about the cast and characters this episode!


 2019-04-09  26m