System Mastery

Two guys and occasional guests review old roleplaying games.

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System Mastery 235 – Ray Winninger’s Underground

Hurray, one of those edgy 90s games where people have superpowers but aren’t superheroes!  You know, like the other ones?  This one at least has an interesting angle of entry […]



System Mastery 234 – Apocalypse World

Wait, from Psi World to Apocalypse World?  Two worlds?  One network family?  Oh right, I should probably mention that because we both have been down for a bit with the […]



System Mastery 233 – Psi World

Back to the old psionic grind!  This game has almost exactly two whole paragraphs of story.  Everything else we’ve had to glean from the margins and unusually informative rules.  Wanna… […]



System Mastery 232 – Leaked 6th Edition Playtest

Hell yeah, we got some leaked documents up in here!  Shame we gotta do it to them.  But such is the rule of law here on the wild internet frontier. […]


 2022-08-10  n/a

System Mastery 231 – Kevin & Kell RPG

A rare occasion where the “How the hell did this even happen” question seems fairly obvious (some company wanted a furry game in their line and this was close enough) […]


 2022-07-27  n/a

System Mastery 230 – White Box

Let’s GOSR!  This here is one a them retro-type clones where the goal was extremely straightforward:  The author liked Sword & Sorcery White Box and wanted another edition, so here […]


 2022-07-12  n/a

System Mastery 229 – Underworld

Ever had dreams about the world deep below the world you know?  A world where magic and madness swirl, where animals may just speak aloud, a world where the ancient […]


 2022-06-29  n/a

System Mastery 228 – Star Wars: Age of Rebellion

Well, FFG was sort of driven off this project (it’s a really sad story) so the most recent line of Star Wars games is now in our wheelhouse, I guess.  […]


 2022-06-16  n/a

System Mastery 227 – Wizards & Gunslingers

Ooh, it’s one of those cowboys and also a different thing games!  You know, like cowboys and ninjas, or cowboys and dinosaurs, or cowboys and the slow crushing onset of […]


 2022-06-01  n/a

System Mastery 226 – Star Munchkin

Uh oh, someone better stop us before we get to level 10.  It’s Star Munchkin, the RPG!  Did you know there were RPGs of these games?  You should have guessed.  […]


 2022-05-18  n/a