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      Episode 276: Retinue of Clowns and Goofs

        Yeah verily and anon, the Gaming Hut goes iambic pentameter as Patreon backer Chris Camfield asks us how to add Shakespearean flavor to a roleplaying campaign. Then your sweet and savory hosts venture into the Food Hut to reveal unbeatable flavor combinations. Sandhogs and aqueducts turn from research into terror as Ken and Robin Talk To Someone Else summons Ruth Tillman of Cthulhu Confidential fame. Now it can be told! Not a dream! Not an imaginary story! Finally recalls a book raid he ...



      Episode 275: Convenient Anti-Harpy Shield

        In the Gaming Hut we mull the process of scenario writing, specifically the differences between writing first, or playing first. Backer Fred Kiesche takes advantage of his Patreon priveleges in Ask Ken and Robin, seeking deeper info on Ken’s current 13th Age campaign, Poikila Hellenistika. We take our seats in the Cinema Hut to reel off a mere smattering of our favorite character actors of the classic Hollywood studio era. Finally in Ken’s Time Machine Patreon backer Rich Ranallo demands d...



      Episode 274: What Would Thagdar Do?

        It’s 2018 and we’re back, starting as usual in the Gaming Hut. Within its cozy confines we answer a question from a mystery backer on achieving genuine emotional investment in roleplaying. The History Hut unfolds its secret plans at the behest of Patreon backer Antti Elomaa, who wants to know why military operations have such evocative names. The Narrative Hut looks at the evolution of the American anti-hero from the 30s to today. Finally, backer Tim Vert checks in with the Consulting Occu...



      Episode 273: Live at Dragonmeet 2017

        Our final episode of 2017 arrives with bells a-jangling in the form of our traditional live show from Dragonmeet. Learn about Stalin and Atlantis, what elements of our work we think other designers have picked up on, which beverages go with which iterations of a beloved nerd franchise, why Nazis are stupid, and much much more. We’ll be back on January 5th with our first episode of 2018. Want to pose a question to the show? Get your priority question asking access with your support for the ...



      Episode 272: We Laugh At Your Fireball

      Our throats showing the wear of travel to that most lurghy-inducing of wonderlands, we issue a Travel Advisory on Dragonmeet and the Modigliani show at the Tate Modern in London. In the Gaming Hut we compare and contrast two ways of structuring mystery scenarios: Robin’s Maze of Clues and Ken’s Ocean of Clues. Longtime listeners are already bracing themselves for what comes next. The fall of the British pound places a heavy burden on the structural integrity of Ken’s Bookshelf, as he comes b...



      Episode 271: The Friends We Met Along the Way and Ate

        Hey, it’s an all-request episode! Patreon backer Joshua Trowbridge entreats us in the Gaming Hut to return to a perennial puzzler: how to convince change-averse players to try the awesome new thing you want to run for them. Patreon backer Josh Mannon summons us to the Cartography Hut, to explain that hole where the Kong Mountains used to be. In Ask Ken and Robin Patreon backer Adam Grotjohn asks Ken and Robin if roleplaying games could be used to teach criminological procedure. And fi...



      Episode 270: Nobody Wants to be a Waistcoat

        Patreon backer Doc Cross pulls his satin bell-cord to summon us to the Gaming Hut to mull the droll possibilities of P. G. Wodehouse gaming. In the Tradecraft Hut we journey to the shadowy isle of Malta. The Food Hut documents Robin’s conversion to the cult of Instant Pot. And finally the Consulting Occultist fulfills the request of Patreon backer Paul by filling us in on the witches of Chiloe. Want to pose a question to the show? Get your priority question asking access with your support ...



      Episode 269: Egg Nog Related Time Travel

        We’ve installed additional measures in the Gaming Hut to discuss security camera surveillance and how to stop it from wrecking your mystery plots. Jump scares await in the Horror Hut as we look at the bogeyman and his pals, the evil spirits. In Ken and/or Robin Talk to Someone Else, we chat with marketing guru and game designer Wade Rockett. Which leads us to Ken’s Time Machine and a question from Patreon backer Derek Upham, who wants to know about our chrono-protagonist’s role in causing ...



      Episode 268: I Don’t Want to Say Tax Dodge

        Make sure your copy of this podcast has been properly authenticated, preferably by a person in a pointy hat, as the Gaming Hut looks at forgery in worlds with truth magic. Get your drama on in How to Write Good as we make sure that your scenes of interaction further the plot, instead of merely commenting on the action. Then once more run your vicarious paws over the latest acquisitions to adorn Ken’s Bookshelf. Yes, our hero has been to Powell’s again and has the loot to show for it. Want ...



      Episode 267: The First Two Things are Metaphors For the Third

        Gather in the Gaming Hut but keep an eye on who might be creeping up on you with a knife or candlestick as we riff a cast of murder suspects. Ken then meets you in the Cinema Hut to report on what he saw at this year’s Chicago Film Festival. In Ask Ken and Robin, Patreon backer Aaron Sapp wants to know how Ken’s famously anti-vampire views square with his work on Vampire 5th Edition. We end on a Gallic switcheroo as Robin dons the mantle of Consulting Occultist to fulfill a request from Pa...