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      Episode 302: Jack the Riffer

        In the Gaming Hut we look at how the same adversary can play very different roles from one game to the next. Serving as an example is Red Jack, created for Night’s Black Agents but presently contemplating a killing spree in The Yellow King Roleplaying Game. The Tradecraft Hut examines China’s latest hacking coup against the US, snaffling up 614 gigs of tech specs on the Sea Dragon submarine munitions project. In the Narrative Hut we weigh the various definitions of the word protagonist, de...



      Episode 301: Thanks For Knowing We Were Right

        The Gaming Hut lies at the end of a ten foot corridor this week as Patreon backer Elias Helfer asks us, as paragons of story-driven RPGs, to explain why we think dungeons are awesome. In Fun With Science we extrapolate a future with affordable carbon reclamation. With the Over the Edge Kickstarter now in progress, we dig into our vault of interviews from last year’s Gen Con to chat with Jonathan Tweet in Ken and/or Robin Talk To Someone Else. If someone tells you their favorite esoteric wr...



      Episode 300: LIGHTNING RO-O-O-O-O-O-OUND

      It’s been 300 installments, just a smidge shy of six years, and longtime listeners and backers know what that means. Time for another episode-length Lightning Round, as we provide uncharacteristically snappy As to Qs about games, beverages, monsters, bees and the ever-proverbial so much more. Want to pose a question to the show? Get your priority question asking access with your support for the KARTAS Patreon! Snag Ken and Robin merchandise at TeePublic. The island of Al Amarja may have m...



      Episode 299: Mostly Claw Dudes

        The Gaming Hut has a bunch of vampires in the shop for adjustments as we look at the process of adapting creatures between systems. In Ken and/or Robin Talk To Someone Else, Ken talks to Rich Ranallo about the new edition of Velvet Generation, now on Kickstarter. Listen close and you’ll hear Ken’s lightning bolt face makeup. As a milestone beckons, Ask Ken and Robin finds us in the mood for a meta-question. Thank goodness Patreon backer Ian Carlsen is here to request a glimpse behind the K...



      Episode 298: Now We’re Just Gygaxing

      Having both recently moved big projects off our plates and into post-production, we convene in the Gaming Hut to look at lessons and surprises from our design work on Vampire: the Masquerade 5th Edition and The Yellow King Roleplaying Game. In the Horror Hut, we respond to the wish of Patreon backer Stephen Perpitch-Harvey to talk about jinn. Among My Many Hats has Robin donning the headgear of an ancient horse clan to talk about Six Ages: Ride With the Wind, the new iOS game follow-up to...



      Episode 297: Walrus Revenge

      Do gamers like choice more than ordinary humans? We raised the question several episodes back, and now it’s all grown up into its very own Gaming Hut segment. In the Tradecraft Hut we look at the espionage allegations leveled against the Chinese telecom giant ZTE. Then the time comes for a brand new segment, the T-Shirt Justification Hut, in which we prepare you for the wearable terror of Walrus Revenge. Grab the shirt here! Finally the Eliptony Hut augments its customary tinfoil hat with a ...


       2018-06-15  1h15m

      Episode 296: Build a Crummy Robot and Call It Gnostic

      Not by chance do we start in the Gaming Hut, for a look at the role of coincidence in various mystery genres. Then at the behest of Patreon backer Stewart Robertson we duck into the secret recesses of the Mythology Hut for a 101 on Gnosticism. In Ask Ken and Robin, backer Aaron Galen White wants Robin to tell him more about Don DeLillo’s Zero K, and the treatment of genre tropes in literary fiction. Then Ken’s Time Machine revs up to see, at the request of backer Jacob Boersma, what a tim...


       2018-06-08  1h10m

      Episode 295: That’s Why They Call It Ichor

        Another all-request episode begins in the Gaming Hut, where Patreon backer David Shaw wants us to turn supermarket tokens into an eldritch menace. In the Architecture Hut Ken fills us in on the Chicago Spire Pit, at the behest of backer Neal Kaplan. Backer Steve Sick joins us in the plush seating of the Cinema Hut for a samurai film 101. And Ash Jackson is the Scrollbard meets us in the parlor of the Consulting Occultist to get each of us to circumscribe a sacred alphabet. Want to pose a ...


       2018-06-01  0m

      Episode 294: More Poison Duck

        Patreon backer Andy Olson invites us to plan a fantasy heist in the Gaming Hut. In the Tradecraft Hut backer Andrew Miller debriefs us on the Fat Leonard case. How to Write Good looks at invented slang, with examples from Robin’s upcoming King in Yellow novel, The Missing and the Lost. Then we check backer Karl Schmidt’s goblet for traces of toxin as the History Hut visits that remarkable foe of Rome, Mithridates VI, aka the Poison King. Want to pose a question to the show? Get your prio...


       2018-05-25  1h11m

      Episode 293: Kill America’s Famous Pigs

        Stop plinking those kobolds and pop into the Gaming Hut as we ask if today’s median gamer is less motivated than before by the prospect of in-game reward. In Ask Ken and Robin, Patreon backer Neal Dalton asks Ken how he chooses game systems and pitches them to his players. We enter the Cartography Hut to look at the persuasive qualities of maps. Check out Cornell’s online archive of polemical maps. Maps referenced include The Awakening, The Russian Octopus, and Pig Nicknames of the US Stat...


       2018-05-18  1h11m