Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff

Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff

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episode 455: Ambush Us With Ghosts

The Gaming Hut hits the streets, many of them, for a look at designing scenarios to introduce a city. We find the Crime Blotter is covered in ancient leather and animal glue, our cue to find the gaming in the fake Biblical scrolls purchased by the Muse...



episode 454: A Disreputable Trade

Make sure anyone else in the room is really them as the Gaming Hut looks at fox spirits, doppelgangers, and other foes who disguise themselves as human. The Tradecraft Hut profiles CIA operative, author, and coup arranger Miles Axe Copeland, Jr.



episode 453: The Chicago Discount

Don’t forget you’re in the Gaming Hut as beloved Patreon backer Lauberfen asks for tips on finding the fun in amnesia and similar player character flaws. In Ripped from the Headlines, estimable Patreon backer Robert Wolfe seeks the true truth on the cl...



episode 452: Don’t Look at the Leopards

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer as the Gaming Hut provides advice to players running in political intrigue games. In Fun With Science beloved Patreon backer Josh King asks for the real truth behind Siberian mystery holes.



episode 451: Bring a Bunch of Idiots

Keep an eye out for incoming candlesticks as the Gaming Hut finds ways to engage players in the prelude part of a scenario, for example the bit in a cozy mystery before any genteel murdering happens. At the behest of beloved Patreon backer Dustyn Mince...



episode 450: Episode 450: LIGHTNING ROUND!!!

Just when time had lost all meaning, the ineffable power of numbers tells us that we’ve hit Episode 450. Seasoned investigators know what that means: our beloved Patreon backers pose them, and we blast them with electric force.


 2021-06-18  1h0m

episode 449: Quietly Judging You

We venture from the Gaming Hut into a wider world of stashed items as beloved Patreon backer Carrie Schutrick requests the RPG angle on geocaching. Estimable Patreon backers pool their resources in the Tradecraft Hut,


 2021-06-11  1h8m

episode 448: Mice and Diamonds

In the Gaming Hut we spitball scenarios that take place over a period of many years. Fun With Science answers the call from beloved Patreon backer bt to examine Freudian psychologist Charles Seligman’s project to gather dreams from the many peoples occ...


 2021-06-04  1h14m

episode 447: The Bert-Adjacent Ugly Wheels of Commerce

We start out in the Gaming Hut to tell your GM that the shocking premise subversion they have in mind isn’t as fun or cool as they might think. A segment that had to hibernate during the pandemic is back! In Ken and/or Robin Talk to Someone Else,


 2021-05-28  59m

episode 446: Well Also H. R. Giger

An all-request episode kicks off in the Gaming Hut with beloved Patreon backer Chris Camfield’s request to follow up on a carelessly dropped side reference about realist F2O. Esteemed Patreon backer Chris Melkus meets us in the Archaeology Hut to ask a...


 2021-05-21  55m