Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff

Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff

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Episode 383: Not Quite Doctor Cowboy

Longtime listeners know that “Start with Earth” is a Thing Ken Always Says. But in the Gaming Hut, beloved Patreon backer Nicola Wilson wants to know exactly where. In the Conspiracy Corner estimable Patreon backer Steven Roman seeks bookshelf re[...]



Episode 382: Health and Safety

In the Gaming Hut we come to the rescue of beloved Patreon backer Keelan O’Hea, whose players have conceived the inexplicable desire for a version of GUMSHOE with more die rolling in it. The Food Hut, of all huts, contains the first of this episo[...]



Episode 381: Anthropodermic Wallet

They tried to suppress it. They tried to contain it. They left it for months on a loading dock in Estonia. But now The Yellow King Roleplaying Game has made its final crack in reality by heading to retail. We celebrate with an all-Yellow King edit[...]



Episode 380: He Said, Foreshadowingly

In the Gaming Hut, we show you how to turn otherwise inert scenes in a sandbox game into prompts for activity. With the Academy Awards creeping up on us yet again, it’s time for us to sashay into the Cinema Hut to list our favorite films of 2019.[...]



Episode 379: Stealth Out and Touch the Egg Wrong

That knife you smuggled into the Gaming Hut will finally pay off as we provide tips on playing the secret assassin character. Patreon backer Tom Abella provides us a story Ripped From the Headlines, in which a baffling GPS-spoofing technology dep[...]



Episode 378: Killer Puppies

With a wave of his chainsaw hand, Patreon backer Walter Manbeck summons us to the Gaming Hut for tips on running comedy horror games. Inspired by a recent New York Times Magazine piece, the Tradecraft Hut examines the implications of the OSS’ imp[...]


 2020-01-17  1h0m

Episode 377: Everyone Believes in Horse Theft

In the Gaming Hut beloved Patreon backer Tom Shaw asks us to even the odds when strong PCs fight weak opponents. A gruesome find in the History Hut prompts estimable backer Polydamas to seek guidance on portraying the Sandby Borg Massacre in a ga[...]


 2020-01-10  1h5m

Episode 376: Landlord Reform

Pull up a comfy chair and get your fireballs back in the Gaming Hut as we look at the timing of resource refreshing. In the Tradecraft Hut we peer into the espionage activities of William Playfair, now better known as the inventor of the pie char[...]


 2020-01-03  1h1m

Episode 375: Live from Dragonmeet

In our final episode of the year, we unwrap the annual Christmas present that is our episode recorded live at Dragonmeet in London. Join us for the nerdtroping of the Norman Conquest and Hindu mythology, this podcast’s alternate timeline, writing [...]


 2019-12-20  56m

Episode 374: All Books are Tax Deductible

Freshly home and invigorated, or perhaps exhaugorated, by our annual trip to Dragonmeet in London, we issue a Travel Advisory for the William Blake exhibition at Tate Britain. Rocketed by the power of recording technology back to the day before G[...]


 2019-12-13  1h21m