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      Episode 268: I Don’t Want to Say Tax Dodge

      Make sure your copy of this podcast has been properly authenticated, preferably by a person in a pointy hat, as the Gaming Hut looks at forgery in worlds with truth magic.

      Get your drama on in How to Write Good as we make sure that your scenes of interaction further the plot, instead of merely commenting on the action.

      Then once more run your vicarious paws over the latest acquisitions to adorn Ken’s Bookshelf. Yes, our hero has been to...



      Episode 267: The First Two Things are Metaphors For the Third


      Gather in the Gaming Hut but keep an eye on who might be creeping up on you with a knife or candlestick as we riff a cast of murder suspects.

      Ken then meets you in the Cinema Hut to report on what he saw at this year’s Chicago Film Festival.

      In Ask Ken and Robin, Patreon backer Aaron Sapp wants to know how Ken’s famously anti-vampire views square with his work on Vampire 5th Edition.

      We end on a Gallic switcheroo as Robin dons the m...



      Episode 266: Moral Crisis Dungeon Tile


      Evade lasting shame by joining us for tea and scones in the Gaming Hut, where Patreon backer Tom Abella asks us to riff on the subject of social spirals.

      Sneak into the Tradecraft Hut for a look back at the career of WWII spy Jeanne Rousseau.

      Ken has oft-spoken of the dire Bochcoization. Now Robin turns on the Television Hut to alert all and sundry to its heir, the inexorable Abramsification.

      Finally the Eliptony Hut goes...



      Episode 265: Vegan Vampire


      We situate the Gaming Hut near a wolf trap as we answer a request from Patreon backer Dicegeeks and find ways to use the Green Children of Woolpit in a game.

      In the Food Hut backer Bryan Gustafson asks us to talk about snack bar purveyor and philanthropist Daniel Lubetsky.

      Our Cinema Hut 101s usually take the form of filmographies, but this time around we’re going to instead lay out the basics on a slippery concept: a...



      Episode 264: Diegetic Prod


      In the Gaming Hut we examine a classic dichotomy in GMing technique: when do you use the world to nudge the story, and when do you address the players out-of-character?

      The Tradecraft Hut looks at 2017’s most eliptonic spy story, the apparent sonic attacks in Cuba that have led the US State Department to withdraw diplomats from the country.

      At the urging of Patreon backer Ethan Cordray, we convene in a particularly outdoorsy version of t...



      Episode 263: All Seven Spleens


      Some monsters we want to kill. But others we want to figure out, then kill. The Gaming Hut looks at designing creatures that make for good mysteries.

      Then at the behest of Patreon backer Fridrik Bjarnason we journey across route revealed by codes and numbers to the Eliptony Hut, where we consider the theory that Dante and da Vinci snitched out the location of Templar treasure, looted from the Holy Land, in that most obvious of places,...



      Episode 262: Profit Motive and a Fast Boat

      Robin is back from his annual sojourn to the Toronto International Film Festival, so it’s time to open up the Cinema Hut to alert you to the best and nerdiest of the 44 titles he saw there. From zombies to noir, he’s got your watch list for the next 12-18 months.

      In the Gaming Hut we look at the causes and implications of the biggest story in tabletop RPGs these days, the great D&D resurgence.

      Following up on a past visit to the Mythology Hu...



      Episode 261: Them Doritos is Rigged!

      Hold onto your wallet when you enter this Gaming Hut. It’s full of scamsters, as we look at clipjoint towns in F20 games.

      Patreon backer Elias Helfer digs into the files for a declassified Tradecraft Hut as he asks for the 101 on espionage in WWI.

      Then Ken and/or Robin Talk To Someone Else, as Green Ronin’s Nicole Lindroos shows us the ropes of game company management.

      Finally it’s time for some Fun With Science, as...



      Episode 260: Live from Gen Con 2017


      When Ken and Robin go live, as they do here in this episode recorded in August at Gen Con, the audience, aided by a mythic pack of index cards, tells us what the topics are. And in this case they jointly demanded Crimean War mecha, Bannonesque intrigue, Ken’s beef with the Gnostics, time machine interference in the Siege of Malta, mediating disputes between Captain America and Wolverine, and the proverbial so much more.

      Want to pose a question t...



      Episode 259: All the Cute Girls are Capulets


      In That Thing I Always Say, we examine Ken’s maxim that death spirals make for good gaming.

      With Labor Day in the rear view mirror, the Cinema Hut looks back at blockbuster season for a round up of the summer movies that were.

      Finally the Consulting Occultist serves up a reply to Patreon backer David Shaw, who seeks the secret truth on occult Kashmir.

      Want to pose a question to the show? Get your priority question asking access w...