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      Episode 289: CHRONOCA$H

        Picking up a thread left hanging a few episodes back, the Gaming Hut looks at ways to make a mundane solution to an apparently occult mystery work satisfyingly for your players. The Tradecraft Hut peers behind the headlines of the Skripal poisoning case. In the Cinema Hut Patreon backer Chris Camfield asks for the 101 on heist flicks. Then Ken’s Time Machine gets back to its core business, the alternate timeline, by finding out what would happen when William Duer’s 1791 attempt to take con...



      Episode 288: Grift the Pope

      Another all-request episode begins in the Gaming Hut, as Patreon backer Ruth Tillman asks us how we might game Annihilation in both its film and novel iterations. We head into the Book Hut at the behest of backer Sean Gomez, who wants to know more about Ken’s recent William Haggard fixation and spy thriller inspiration for Fall of DELTA GREEN more generally. In Ask Ken and Robin backer Louis Sylvester asks Robin, and also Ken, about devices to incorporate weird sounds and other subtle h...



      Episode 287: In League With Leopard Seals

      Robin tries out a new maxim in That Thing I Always Say: in a game RPG session, the only way to go off track is a dead end. In The Culture of Gaming, we look at gatekeeping, which rears its head once more with the rise of streamed play. Finally, in Ken’s Bookshelf, our resident bibliomane caresses the teetering pile of books he liberated from Moe’s Books in the Bay Area. Want to pose a question to the show? Get your priority question asking access with your support for the KARTAS Pat...



      Episode 286: Guy Across the Stupid Mountain

        Keep a close eye on your open beverage as the Gaming Hut spins a Fall of DELTA GREEN arc from that most notorious of covert programs, MKULTRA. The Food Hut goes sequel for Instant Pot II: The Instant Pottening. Look over your shoulder for copycats as the Horror Hut investigates doppelgangers and body snatchers. One more warning: keep swords safely stored in their stones as the Eliptony Hut gives the 101 on historical Arthur theories. Want to pose a question to the show? Get your priority ...



      Episode 285: 2) Get In Too Deep

      You have nothing to lose but your chains, and also your handcuffs, and possibly also your orange prison scrubs, as the Gaming Hut shows you what to do the next time your PC gets captured. The Tradecraft Hut probes off-books financial arrangements in covert operations, as inspired by a request from Patreon backer Chris Sellers. Chris wants us to turn this real-life ATF finagle into fodder for Night’s Black Agents and Fall of Delta Green. Backer Michael Maneval, meanwhile, wants the PCs to b...


       2018-03-23  1h4m

      Episode 284: There’s Always a Worse Writer Death

      Ken dons raffish 60s-vintage headgear to give The Fall of DELTA GREEN, now available for preorder, the Among My Many Hats treatment. Robin reviews ways to shape a dramatic scene in How to Write Good. We look at the science of choice and its implications for tabletop design in the Gaming Hut. Referenced in this segment: The Art of Choosing by Sheena Iyengar. Finally the Consulting Occultist finds another Nazi mystic to talk about, as Patreon backer Bret Kramer asks for a profile on Savitri...


       2018-03-16  1h13m

      Episode 283: It’s Just a Tumor Tree

      We gather suspiciously in the Gaming Hut to ask if and how GMs can assist players in horror games who want their characters to exercise a Scully-like skepticism. We break into the History Hut at the behest of Patreon backer Andy Young, who seeks the scoop on fresh-faced 19th century burglar Edward Jones. In Ask Ken and Robin Andy Bates seeks help incorporating the Witches Tree, which haunts his hometown of Louisville, into his gaming. Speaking of mysteries, how the heck have we done 283...


       2018-03-09  59m

      Episode 282: Haunted Anarchist Texts

      In the Gaming Hut we put up our dukes and look at ways to frame fights that advance the story. Oscar time is upon us, so as is our annual wont we pop into the Cinema Hut for a look back at our favorite films of 2017. Recovering from the red carpet, we visit the Consulting Occultist, who has been checking out the initial offerings placed online by the Ritman Library of occult texts. Want to pose a question to the show? Get your priority question asking access with your support for the...


       2018-03-02  1h24m

      Episode 281: In Service of the Yeast God

      We swear we didn’t plan this, but Patreon backer Chris Sellers showed up unexpectedly in the Gaming Hut to ask about improvising GUMSHOE scenarios. The location of the Tradecraft Hut has been dangerously exposed, and only our look at fitness apps as a threat to operational security will save us. In an equally sudden turn, How to Write Good examines transitions between scenes, as codified in Robin’s new book for creators of fiction, Beating the Story. Get the electronic editions immediately b...


       2018-02-23  1h7m

      Episode 280: Problem Solving Gases

        February loses its rep as the cruelest month when we confront it with an all-hut, all-request episode, in tribute to our fabulous Patreon backers. In the Gaming Hut, Tom Bagatelle seeks guidance on a sandbox time travel campaign. Peter Williamson adds reclining couches to the Food Hut as we consider the Roman cookbook attributed to Apicius. Zachary Joyner meets us in the Cartography Hut for the 101 on telling stories with places. Finally David Sowa makes an urgent topical request in the ...


       2018-02-16  1h3m