Fear Initiative: Dungeons and Dragons and Horror

FEAR INITIATIVE, a weekly horror role-playing game podcast. Join Morgan Peter Brown, Laura Dromerick, Megan Duffy, David Ian McKendry, Daniel Montgomery, Allie Goertz, and Jeff Seidman on their weekly horror inspired RPG adventure. Demons, giant spiders, creepy dolls, and pet racoons.



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4: From Out of the Mist

The team finds out what exactly is living in the mist that surrounds their prison camp. Meanwhile, a mysterious force begins to reveal itself.


 2018-09-04  1h37m

3: The Winterborne Identity

Our adventurers continue their investigation into why they were sent to the prison colony and discover that not much gets done in Winterborne without a few healthy bribes. Meanwhile, Vermathrax continues to court Thran in order to win his friendship.


 2018-08-28  1h54m

2: ‘M’ is for Murdig

Having just finished investigating the clubhouse of a notorious thief known as Murdig and finding everyone inside by murdered by adorable yet deadly blink dolls, the gang searches for a way out, all while the city watch is hot on their trail.


 2018-08-21  1h54m

1: Beginnings

The FEAR INITIATIVE crew comes together seemingly by accident, meeting late one night at a tavern. After much discussion and apprehension, Balance (Tiefling, Cleric), Lilly (Gnyox, Rogue), Grimly (Bugbear, Barbarian), and Sorsha (Quarter-Elf/...


 2018-08-14  2h24m