Fear Initiative: Dungeons and Dragons and Horror

FEAR INITIATIVE, a weekly horror role-playing game podcast. Join Morgan Peter Brown, Laura Dromerick, Megan Duffy, David Ian McKendry, Daniel Montgomery, and Jeff Seidman on their weekly horror inspired RPG adventure. Creepy dolls, soulless killers, and blood-thirsty beasts. This RPG is scary as shit…with occasional music numbers. Tune in every week to hear what new horrific quest awaits.


Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h46m. Bisher sind 85 Folge(n) erschienen. Dieser Podcast erscheint wöchentlich.

Gesamtlänge aller Episoden: 6 days 32 minutes


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episode 11: Best Fiends Forever

Agliax offers a tempting proposition but negations become explosive. Arriving at the Fang, the adventurers meet their Doom.


 2019-09-03  1h24m

episode 11: Schloss-terhouse Five

The Storm Shields find shelter in a schloss and  safety from the dangers outside. However, it appears they are locked in with an even greater threat.


 2020-12-10  1h55m

episode 12: The Adventurer's Code

The adventurers finally have their showdown with Maldail and things don't go quite as expected.


 2019-10-08  1h45m

episode 12: An Unexpected Quiet

The Storm Shields get their first glimpse of what turning on the Beam did to the city of Dusk. 


 2020-12-19  1h48m

episode 13: The B Team

The day after their showdown with Maldail, the adventurers lay the village of Jurraferlesh to rest, meet some interesting strangers, and Cecil has a brush with death.


 2019-10-16  1h32m

episode 13: The Ones Left Behind

The Storm Shields fight to save as many citizens of Dusk as possible before racing to stop the army of monsters heading for Torago.



episode 14: Death Becomes Him

Cecil is badgered with some large problems and the adventurers attempt to understand what happened in the now deserted Jurraferlesh before leaving the mountain valley for good.


 2019-10-22  1h40m

episode 14: Choppy Waters

The Storm Shields depart Dusk aboard The Shark as they head down river to stop the Quinta's demonic army before it can reach the city of Torago. 



episode 15: Pitch Black

The adventurers brave the terrors of the Lost Conduit and help a family in need.


 2019-10-29  2h1m

episode 15: SIDE QUEST: Adventurers Wanted

Exploring the other side of the world. We meet up with a group of young, hopeful, and naïve adventurers, looking to make a name for themselves and maybe a little gold too.