Fear Initiative: Dungeons and Dragons and Horror

FEAR INITIATIVE, a weekly horror role-playing game podcast. Join Morgan Peter Brown, Laura Dromerick, Megan Duffy, David Ian McKendry, Daniel Montgomery, Allie Goertz, and Jeff Seidman on their weekly horror inspired RPG adventure. Demons, giant spiders, creepy dolls, and pet racoons.



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episode 21: SIDE QUEST: Best Intentions

The Side Quest Crew's attempt at doing a good deed backfires and a hallway of death may lead to answers. 


 2021-03-17  1h36m

episode 22: SIDE QUEST: Departures

The Side Quest Crew unravels a mystery only to discover more questions. Meanwhile, a familiar villain makes an appearance and one member of the party goodbye forever.


 2021-03-25  2h30m