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A podcast for developers interested in building great software products. Every episode, Adam Wathan is joined by a guest to talk about everything from product design and user experience to unit testing and system administration.


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episode 142: 142: Jason Cohen - Learning to Hire and Manage a Team

In this episode, Adam talks to Jason Cohen of WP Engine about hiring people to join the Tailwind team, figuring out what to focus on, and learning how to manage.



episode 141: 141: Jason Fried - Running the Tailwind Business on Basecamp

In this episode, Adam talks to Jason Fried about growing the Tailwind team and how to best use Basecamp to keep his particular company organized. He also walks through tons of real examples from their recent work on HEY, sharing lots of behind-the-scenes stuff about how Basecamp use Basecamp themselves.



episode 140: 140: Evan You - Reimagining the Modern Dev Server with Vite

In this episode, Adam is talks to Evan You about Vite, a new dev server and build tool for modern JavaScript projects.


 2020-05-28  48m

episode 139: 139: Alex DeBrie - DynamoDB for Relational Database Diehards

In this episode, Adam is talks to Alex DeBrie about DynamoDB, and how it compares to relational databases like MySQL.


 2020-05-08  58m

episode 138: 138: Tom Preston-Werner - Building Full-Stack JS Apps with Redwood.js

In this episode, Adam is talks to Tom Preston-Werner about Redwood.js, a new full-stack JavaScript framework for building edge-ready web applications.


 2020-04-22  1h13m

episode 137: 137: Tim Neutkens - Continuing to Innovate with Next.js 9.3

In this episode, Adam is talks to Tim Neutkens about what's new in Next.js 9.3 and how it's changing the way applications are built at ZEIT.


 2020-04-08  1h23m

episode 136: 136: Michael Chan - React Is Not a Rails Competitor

In this episode, Adam is joined by Michael Chan to talk about how people who identify as React developers are building real web applications, and why it seems like nobody is talking about databases or background jobs anymore.


 2020-03-25  1h8m

episode 135: 135: Lessons Learned Building Tailwind UI

In this episode, Adam is joined by Sam Selikoff to talk about some of the interesting technical challenges he faced building Tailwind UI, and how working on the project has influenced how he will build layouts in the future.


 2020-03-04  1h38m

episode 134: 134: Mark Dalgleish - You Should Be Using Layout Components

In this episode, Adam talks to Mark Dalgleish about common mistakes people make in their approach to constructing layouts, and how dedicated layout components can make your component system much easier to work with.


 2020-02-12  56m

episode 133: 133: Sam Selikoff - Building Production-Ready SPAs Fast with Mirage.js

In this episode, Adam talks to Sam Selikoff about Mirage.js and how to use it to build production-ready front-end applications, even if your back-end API isn't ready yet.


 2020-01-29  1h3m