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Life Update, "Cancel Culture", swearing and the FCC, DAW's, YouTube, and more | 198

My opinion has been wavering regarding Cancel Culture. Also, I update y'all on what's been going on behind the scenes as well as some truth about the FCC's vigilance on swearing, the mighty YouTube algorithm, my favorite audio production software, and...


 2021-03-12  39m

Texas Winter Storm...I'm ok, but WHAT a freaking week...

I got lucky with only one burst pipe in my home, but many others had it far worse. So what happened? Why did the electricity grid fail so miserably leaving millions of Texans to suffer and some to die?


 2021-02-24  54m

Larry Flynt, John Delorean, and my dad walk into a bar... | 196

Eccentric skin-mag publisher Larry Flynt has passed away. Here's an interesting tale of how his life, my dad's, and John Delorean's briefly merged back in the 1980s at the height of the Delorean cocaine scandal. This is a weird...


 2021-02-15  39m

FINALLY got my RTX 3090! Also, should you worry about PCIE 3.0 vs 4.0? | 195

I've FINALLY been able to purchase an EVGA FTW3 ULTRA RTX 3090, so how has it performed and how was I able to find one AT MSRP!? Also, should you be too worried about PCIE 3.0 vs 4.0? As depends. *Quick...


 2021-02-07  39m

How I got held back a grade and the crazy stonk market | 194

A trip down memory lane, Gamestop stonk thoughts, and much more!


 2021-02-04  39m

Electric Delorean, cryptocurrency miner, Apple VR, and more | 193

The Delorean Motor Company has hinted that an all-electric Delorean could be in the works. Also, I bumped into a cryptocurrency miner at Microcenter and had an interesting conversation. Finally, would you be interested in an expensive Apple VR...


 2021-01-22  39m

Why I "need" the RTX 3090 and the creator's/gamer's nightmare trying to actually get one | 192

Even in a massive city like Houston, it is near impossible to find 3070s, 3080s, and 3090s in stock. It's so frustrating.


 2021-01-18  39m

AMAZING Show Update! Here's ALL the details...and more geek news :)

Everything you need to know about the future of GTR! There will be NO interuptions to will only get MUCH better! All of that and news about Comcast datacaps, the Juno satellite, and solid state battery news....


 2021-01-12  55m

Favorite Raspberry Pi OS, old pc's for modern workflow, and Nvidia's evil ways | 191

I've been tinkering with my Raspberry Pi and I've found my current favorite OS. Also, what are some pitfalls in using a retro computer for modern work? Then why I and many others are PISSED at Nvidia. Twister OS...


 2021-01-09  39m

***???????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????? on the future of Geek Therapy Radio***

Big changes coming soon to GTR that will affect your ability to listen to the show. Be sure to follow me on Twitter, Facebook, etc for the most up-to-date updates. Twitter @GeekTherapyKPRC Facebook


 2021-01-07  7m