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For the latest in computer security news, hacking, and research! We sit around, drink beer, and talk security. Our show will feature technical segments that show you how to use the latest tools and techniques. Special guests appear on the show to enlighten us and change your perspective on information security.

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Election Season - BSW #159

This week, we welcome Chase Robertson, CEO at Robertson Wealth Management, to discuss the state of the financial markets in 2020 and beyond! In our second segment, it's our quarterly Security Money update! This segment tracks the Top 25 public...



The Dirty Number - SCW #14

This week, we welcome Trevor Bryant, Senior Information Security Architect at Epigen Technology, to talk about the Risk Management Framework, and how to leverage sound business practices to promote security and compliance initiatives in the workplace!...



AI, Telnet, & Travelex - SWN #5

This week, Clearview app lets strangers find your information through Facial Recognition, Travelex begins reboot as VPN bug persists, ADP users hit by Phishing Scam, Exposed Telnet ports lead to over 500,000 IoT devices credentials stolen, and over...



Warm & Fuzzy - ASW #92

This week in our first segment, Mike, Matt, and John, discuss Protecting Data in Apps and Protecting Apps from Data! In the Application Security News, PoC Exploits Published For Microsoft Crypto Bug disclosed by NSA, Introducing Microsoft Application...



Lots of Smoke - PSW #635

This week, in the Security News, A Powerful GPG collision attack spells the end for SHA-1, an unpatched Citrix Flaw now has PoC Exploits, a Lottery hacker gets 9 months for his 5 cut of the loot, Windows 10 has a security flaw so severe the NSA...



Tik Tok, Win 10, Ransomware - Wrap Up - SWN #4

Highlights from the Security Weekly shows this week, including dealing with personalities and compliance, Windows 10 exploits, alert fatigue in your SoC, security for startups, Windows 10 exploits, Tik Tok backdoors, lottery hack, 5G (in)security and...



Infinity Stones - ESW #168

This week, we talk Enterprise News, to talk about How to Create Easy and Open Integrations with VMRays REST API, Zimperium integrates with Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection EDR, PacketViper Deception360 now available for Microsoft Azure,...



Clean Slate - BSW #158

This week, we welcome Al Ghous, VP and Head of Security at ServiceMax, to discuss Startup Security - It s Everyone s Business! In the Leadership Articles, Unexpected Companies Produce Some of the Best CEOs, Security Think Tank: Hero or villain?...



Fantastically Useful - SCW #13

This week, we welcome Ben Rothke, Senior Information Security Specialist for Tapad, to talk about the Multiple Personalities we encounter during Compliance and Audit Engagements! In the Security and Compliance news, A Risk Assessment Path to Real-Time...



SWN #3 - January 14, 2020

This week, Tesla goes Pwn2Own again this year, GRU "hacks" a Ukranian gas company at the heart of scandals in DC, Microsoft has officially ended support for Windows 7 and Server 2008, and a nasty bug in Firefox, Citrix exploits are being...