The TED Interview

Head of TED Chris Anderson speaks with some of the world’s most interesting people to dig into the provocative and powerful ideas of our time.

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episode 6: Al Gore on the new urgency of the climate crisis

Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore has been a leader in climate advocacy for over 40 years.



episode 5: A path to peace in Afghanistan with President Ashraf Ghani

The war in Afghanistan has wrought turmoil and loss of life for nearly two decades.



Why a company’s future depends on putting its employees first with Dan Schulman

How can businesses recover from the pandemic's unprecedented economic destruction?



episode 4: How Taiwan used digital tools to solve the pandemic with Audrey Tang

Taiwan has succeeded in avoiding a pandemic lockdown



episode 3: Reckoning with racial injustice in the U.S. -- and where we go from here

Why is this moment so important, and how can we learn from it to end systemic racism?



episode 1: What we learn from the crisis can make our economy stronger with Kristalina Georgieva

What will it take to put the pieces of the global economy back together?


 2020-05-28  40m

episode 14: What we get wrong about global growth with Dambisa Moyo

Global economist Dambisa Moyo was raised in Zambia and educated in England and the United States.


 2020-04-24  1h5m

Design your life for happiness with Elizabeth Dunn

Psychologist Elizabeth Dunn argues that happiness is made not found and explains how our everyday choices—in matters from time to money to technology—help create it. This episode was recorded on February 5, 2020.


 2020-04-17  1h2m

episode 12: The world after the coronavirus pandemic with Fareed Zakaria

The coronavirus pandemic is more global, dramatic and unusual than any crisis we've seen in a long time, says journalist Fareed Zakaria.


 2020-04-10  35m

episode 11: What coronavirus means for the global economy with Ray Dalio

"I'm a capitalist. I believe in the system. I believe you can increase the size of the pie and you could divide it well,


 2020-04-10  52m