Malicious Life

The wildest computer hacks you could ever imagine. 500 million dollars disappear into thin air. Two teenagers disrupt a rocket launch. Foreign spies rig an election. Hosted by author and cybersecurity expert Ran Levi, Malicious Life unravels complex, dramatic historical events, with interviews from people who were actually there. Lock your door, wipe your hard drive, and come listen to fascinating stories from the cyber underground.

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The Max Headroom Signal Hijack

On November 22nd, 1987, a hacker took over the signals of two Chicago-area TV stations and broadcast two bizarre and somewhat vulgar messages. In this episode we explore this notorious hack, and its implications on the nature of hacking in general.



ToTok, Part 3: Becoming a Spyware Superpower

The fact that ToTok came out of the United Arab Emirates is no surprise: in recent years, the UAE has deployed some of the most sophisticated mobile device exploits ever seen. But they got a lot of help from one country in particular...



Operation Glowing Symphony

An episode from Darknet Diaries! The story of how the US cyber command attacked ISIS - as told by the commander of that mission. An extremely rare peak at the inner working of the US cyber command!



ToTok, Part 2: The Masterminds of Mobile Malware

The corporate structure supporting ToTok involved at least half a dozen real companies, shell companies and intelligence groups, with the individuals who actually operated the app being hidden behind other individuals given sinecure jobs and ponied aro...



ToTok, Part 1: How to Convince Someone to Download Spyware

Only a few months after its release, ToTok - an ordinary messaging app, with no exceptional features - had over five million downloads, and held the number 4 position in Apple's App Store global charts. So what was it that made ToTok so popular,



How To Defend A Bank, Part 2: Right Of Bang

As much as we can imagine what it’s like to be a defender in a cyber-conflict, we don’t really know what it is - unless we’re in the shoes the time of it happening. That's what simulations are for.


 2020-02-27  28m

How To Defend A Bank, Part 1: Fusion Centers

Banks & other financial institutions face a variety of security threats: from state-sponsored cyber-attacks, to smaller acts of fraud, to thousands of random malware attacks from the web. To survive in this hostile landscape,


 2020-02-13  27m

Triton, Part 2: The World’s Most Dangerous Malware

Petro Rabigh were facing lots of problems in defending their systems. But they did get lucky in one sense: their hackers were unprepared when their plan went awry. Who were the hackers that infiltrated the Saudi petrochemical plant,


 2020-01-30  38m

Triton: A Malware Designed To Kill Humans, Part 1

Industrial Security requires a different skill set--really, an entirely different mindset than working in IT does. In this episode we dive into the story of one of the most dangerous malware ever to be discovered in the wild: Triton/Trisis.


 2020-01-16  36m

Dead Drops

You spot a dropped USB drive laying on the ground or in your office. Did someone lose their files or is it a trap set by a hacker? An episode of "Hackable?", McAfee's Cyber Security podcast.


 2020-01-14  38m