Malicious Life

Tales of cybersecurity. The wildest hacks you can ever imagine, told by people who were actually there. Hosted by cybersecurity expert and book author, Ran Levi, this is not your average talk-show. These are fascinating, unknown tales, slowly unraveled, deeply researched. Think Hardcore History meets Hackable- and come dig into a history you never knew existed.



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The Jerusalem Virus, Part 2

How did the Jerusalem virus trigger the birth of the entire Anti Virus industry in Israel? A high-stakes wager on Live TV, and more.



The Jerusalem Virus, Part 1

Although scary, the Jerusalem virus, discovered in Israel in 1987, was in fact a rather simple virus. How, then, did the virus trigger the birth of an entire national industry?



Gene Spafford on the Morris Worm & Cyber-security in the 1980’s

Eugene Spafford (aka Spaf), a professor of computer science at Purdue University, was the first researcher to publish a detailed analysis of the infamous Morris Worm. Gene talks to Ran about this incident, as well as how was security different in the 1...


 2018-10-31  55m

China Vs. Github

It’s a weapon that harnessed the strength of millions of computers at once: a cannon so powerful it could break through any wall, take down any website. It is “the Great Cannon”.


 2018-10-16  41m

The Ashley Madison Hack, Part 2

On the second installment of our Ashely Madison hack retelling, we look at the fallout of one of the hack, and the people who’ve suffered from it.


 2018-10-04  32m

The Ashley Madison Hack, Part 1

When Ashley Madison got hacked, it made international headlines. Why? Because it wasn’t just a major event. It demonstrated how there’s information even more sensitive, even more significant than your credit card,


 2018-09-19  29m

Interview Special: Graham Cluley

As we prepare to release an awesome 2-part story in two weeks, we decided to give you a chance to go back to some old favorites and check out some of the behind-the-scenes interviews of Malicious Life. Graham Cluley tells about his entry into the world...


 2018-09-05  53m

The Target Hack

If movies have taught me anything, it’s that if you want to rob a bank, you dress as the cleaning crew. The people behind the Target hack must have seen one action film too many, because when they decided to hack one of the biggest retailers in the wor...


 2018-08-23  33m

WoW: Corrupted Blood

How does the outbreak of a “plague” inside a video game- a bug, essentially- affect real-life disease research?


 2018-07-25  26m

episode 9: The Stuxnet Virus Pt. 1

Stuxnet was a devastating weapon, but who wielded it? That is the question we try to answer with the final installment of our Stuxnet series. In this episode, we explore other, similar battles of the modern cyber war,


 2018-07-12  29m