Malicious Life

The wildest computer hacks you could ever imagine. 500 million dollars disappear into thin air. Two teenagers disrupt a rocket launch. Foreign spies rig an election. Hosted by author and cybersecurity expert Ran Levi, Malicious Life unravels complex, dramatic historical events, with interviews from people who were actually there. Lock your door, wipe your hard drive, and come listen to fascinating stories from the cyber underground.

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Operation CuckooBees [ML B-Side]

Assaf Dahan, Threat Research Lead at Cybereason's Nocturnus team, describes a recently discovered cyber-espionage campaign targeting the Defense, Energy, Aerospace, Biotech and Pharma industries conducted by APT 41,



How to Russia-Proof Your Democracy [ML B-Side]

In 2007, Estonia - then already a technologically advanced country - suffered a large-scale DDoS attack which crippled many organizations and digital services. Joseph Carson, a Security Scientist and an adviser to several governments and conferences,



Operation Sundevil and the Birth of the EFF

In May 1990, officials from several law enforcement agencies gathered in Phoenix, Arizona, to announce a nationwide crackdown on illegal computer activity. This massive operation, carried out by hundreds of Secret Service and FBI agents,



MITRE Attack Flow [ML B-Side]

The MITRE Attack Flow Project is essentially a new way to visualize, analyze and share knowledge about sequences of adversary behavior. Ingrid Skoog, Ass. Director of R&D at the Center for Threat-Informed Defense, and Israel Barak - Cybereason's CISO,



The Aaron Swartz Story

When 24-year-old Aaron Swartz was caught scraping millions of science articles off of JSTOR, he faced up to 35 years in prison plus a fine of up to 1 million dollars. Did Aaron's crime justify such a harsh punishment?


 2022-04-19  31m

The Russia-Ukraine Cyberwar [ML B-Side]

Before it invaded Ukraine, Russia was considered - and rightfully so - a cyber superpower. But a month and a half into the war, the lights in Ukraine are still on, as well as cellular communications and other important infrastructure.


 2022-04-11  35m

Chris Roberts: Hackers on a Plane

When Chris Roberts landed at Syracuse, NY - two FBI agents were waiting to escort him off the airplane. Apparently, this wasn't the first time that the Gray Hat hacker was suspected of hacking into an aircraft's control system - WHILE IN FLIGHT.


 2022-04-05  30m

DIE – A New Paradigm for Cybersecurity [ML B-Side]

It’s not every day that we have a guest who’s suggesting a new paradigm for cybersecurity. Sounil Yu, CISO and Head of Research at JupiterOne, talks about a new framework for designing secure systems, a framework he calls D.I.


 2022-03-28  23m

Cyber PTSD

We usually count the damage from a cyberattack in Dollars and Euros, but the psychological damage to the victims is rarely discussed, if at all. So, what is the psychological and emotional toll from cyberattacks? Can scams, hacks,


 2022-03-22  30m

How Resilient Is Our Banking System? [ML B-Side]

What is the most critical of all critical infrastructure? Is it Electricity? Water Supply? According to Jeff Engles, CEO of Conquest Cyber, it's our Banking and Finance systems. Jeff spoke with Nate Nelson, our Senior Producer,


 2022-03-16  23m