Malicious Life

The wildest computer hacks you could ever imagine. 500 million dollars disappear into thin air. Two teenagers disrupt a rocket launch. Foreign spies rig an election. Hosted by author and cybersecurity expert Ran Levi, Malicious Life unravels complex, dramatic historical events, with interviews from people who were actually there. Lock your door, wipe your hard drive, and come listen to fascinating stories from the cyber underground.

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Triton: A Malware Designed To Kill Humans, Part 1

Industrial Security requires a different skill set--really, an entirely different mindset than working in IT does. In this episode we dive into the story of one of the most dangerous malware ever to be discovered in the wild: Triton/Trisis.



Dead Drops

You spot a dropped USB drive laying on the ground or in your office. Did someone lose their files or is it a trap set by a hacker? An episode of "Hackable?", McAfee's Cyber Security podcast.



Deep Fakes, Part 2: Man Vs. Machine

Deep Fakes are set to revolutionize content creation, but alongside this technology's benefits, it also has the potential two sow havoc, fear, and distrust via Social Networks. Just this week, Facebook disclosed a network of fake users it found,



GAN and Deep Fakes, Part 1

Over the past two years, the internet has been inundated with celebrity Deep Fake videos of all kinds: Obama, Putin, and Trump deliver speeches they never gave, Gal Gadot "stars” in a porn video, and professional comedians such as Bill Hader eerily tur...


 2019-12-19  43m

Sam Curry: The 2020 Crystal Ball

Sam Curry is Cybereason's Chief Security Officer and an award-winning cyber security visionary. Sam & Ran discuss Sam's upcoming webinar, in which he will present his insights into what 2020 will bring for the security industry: the rise of 5G cellular...


 2019-12-10  15m

Human Side Channels

Even the best hackers are human, and humans are inescapably unique. Forensic Linguistics, Behavioral Signatures and Cultural Captchas can help defenders identify and (maybe) catch even the best of hackers.


 2019-12-05  33m

What’s the problem with Cyber Insurance?

Thousands of companies are losing millions of dollars to cyber attacks. An insurance seems an ideal solution to their woes - yet this kind of insurance is much less common today, than it should be. What's the problem with Cyber insurance?


 2019-11-21  35m

Gozi B-Side: Amit Serper & Sam Curry

Nate Nelson speaks with Amit Serper & Sam Curry, notable veteran in Cyber Security, about Malware-As-A-Service, bullet-proof hosting, avoiding the lure of the 'dark side' and more.


 2019-11-19  19m

Gozi, Part 2

In 2010, Nikita Kuzmin returned to the malware scene with Gozi 2.0, an improved version of the successful banking Trojan. How did Gozi 2.0 fair against Zeus & the new generation of Trojans, and what can we learn from Nikita's story about how does one b...


 2019-11-14  35m

Prying Eyes

Roughly 600,000 laptops are lost every year in US airports alone: some reports say a laptop is stolen every minute. How hard is it to hack into a stolen laptop? "Hackable?", McAfee's Cyber Security podcast, investigates.


 2019-11-12  29m