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episode 151: Secrets Management With Doppler's Brian Vallelunga

In this episode of The Secure Developer we're joined by Brian Vallelunga, Founder and CEO of Doppler, to discuss the importance of secrets management in modern application development. Brian shares his journey in creating Doppler, a secrets manager designed for developers and DevOps teams, and highlights the challenges organizations face in managing sensitive data such as API keys, database credentials, and certificates...


 April 23, 2024  26m

episode 150: Special Update!

Special news about the future of The Secure Developer!


 April 9, 2024  2m

episode 149: Unravelling Trends In Data Security With Danny Allan

Are you curious about the ever-changing landscape of data security? In this episode, we are joined by Danny Allan, the newly appointed Chief Technology Officer at Snyk, to delve into the evolving landscape of data security. In our conversation, we discussed his professional background and how he went from hacking security systems at university to becoming a security expert at Snyk...


 March 20, 2024  36m

episode 148: The Crucial Role Of Consolidated Platforms In DevSecOps With John Delmare

Explore the role of consolidated platforms in software development with our guest, John Delmare, Global Application and Cloud Security Lead of Accenture. This episode dives into the growing complexity in the developer space and how these platforms streamline processes and foster collaboration among distributed teams...


 February 26, 2024  29m

episode 147: Redefining Cybersecurity With Sean Catlett

In this episode of The Secure Developer, Guy Podjarny and guest Sean Catlett discuss the shift from traditional to engineering-first security practices. They delve into the importance of empathy and understanding business operations for enforcing better security. Catlett emphasizes utilizing AI for generic tasks to focus on crafting customized security strategies.


 February 12, 2024  49m

episode 146: Inside The Matrix Of Container Security: A Deep Dive Into Container Breakout Vulnerabilities

In this special episode, our guest host, Liran Tal, interviews Snyk's Staff Security Researcher, Rory McNamara, about newly discovered high-impact container breakout vulnerabilities. Liran and Rory go deep into the vulnerabilities and cover everything you need to know, how the vulnerabilities were discovered, and much more.


 January 31, 2024  51m

episode 145: Threat Modeling In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence With Laura Bell Main

Laura Bell Main, CEO at SafeStack, discusses the two-fold implications of AI for threat modeling in DevSecOps. She highlights challenges in integrating AI systems, the importance of data verifiability, and the potential efficiencies AI tools can introduce. With guidance, she suggests it's possible to manage the complexities and ensure the responsible utilization of AI.


 January 29, 2024  45m

episode 144: Generative AI, Security, And Predictions For 2024

In this episode, our two hosts discuss the increasing influence of AI in software development and the need for new security strategies to address AI-generated code. They reflect on 2023's trends and predict AI's continued impact on development and security.


 January 8, 2024  1h6m

episode 143: AI, Cybersecurity, And Data Governance With Henrik Smith

Guy explores AI security challenges with Salesforce's VP of Security, Henrik Smith. They discuss the fine line between authentic and manipulated AI content, stressing the need for strong operational processes and collaborative, proactive security measures to safeguard data and support secure innovation.


 December 11, 2023  45m

episode 142: The AI Security Report

In this episode of The Secure Developer, our co-hosts Simon Maple and Guy Podjarny discuss the rise of AI in code generation. Drawing from Snyk's 2023 AI Code Security Report, they examine developers' concerns about security and the importance of auditing and automated controls for AI-generated code.


 December 4, 2023  43m