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A podcast about security for developers, covering tools and best practices.

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episode 130: Defining Cloud Security with Rick Doten

In episode 130 of The Secure Developer, we bring cast our focus on cloud security, and to help us examine this subject we welcome Rick Doten to the show! Rick shares his insight on what cloud security is, some of its history, current concerns in the field, and his hopes and ideas for its future...



episode 129: Ep. 129 The Future of Software Supply Chain Security

In this episode, we conclude our miniseries dealing with software supply chain security by considering the next five years in the space, what we need, and what we can hope for. Emily Fox, Aeva Black, Brian Behlendorf, Adrian Ludwig, Lena Smart, and of course Guy Podjarny, join Simon by sharing some insights on the areas in most need of attention, and where we can realistically expect to make progress in the near future...


 2023-02-27  19m

episode 128: Ep.128 Tackling Software Supply Chain Security as an Organisation

Continuing our mini-series on supply chain security, as we deep dive into the organisational aspects of this charge and hear from a number of our experts about solutions and initiatives to better prepare for supply chain risks and visibility issues.

Simon and Guy are joined by Adrian Ludwig, Aeva Black, Jim Zemlin, Emily Fox, and Eric Brewer as we start thinking about securing the supply chain as an organisation...


 2023-02-20  33m

episode 127: Ep. 127 Software Supply Chain Security - Key Terms, Players, and Projects You Need to Know About

When we stop to think about the software running in our production environments, a large proportion of it is very likely open source...


 2023-02-13  41m

episode 126: Ep. 126 What is Software Supply Chain Security and why it is important?

In this episode we are defining the key pillars of software supply chain security...


 2023-02-06  30m

episode 125: Ep.125 2022 Recap and 2023 Predictions with Guy Podjarny and Simon Maple

In episode 125 of The Secure Developer, Co-Hosts -Simon Maple and Guy Podjarny sit down to discuss market corrections, the war in Ukraine, and also the tumultuous time that the crypto space has endured, before getting into some thoughts on the biggest lessons that can be garnered from these events...


 2023-01-24  1h5m

episode 124: Ep.124 Building Open Source Communities with Rishiraj Sharma

In episode 124 of The Secure Developer, Co-Host Simon Maple spoke to CEO and Co-Founder of Project Discovery, Rishiraj Sharma, about their story, as well as the genesis of the Nuclei project...


 2023-01-11  35m

episode 123: Ep. 123 Malicious Packages and Malicious Intent with Liran Tal

In episode 123 of The Secure Developer, Co-Host Simon Maple spoke to Liran Tal, Github Star and Director of Developer Advocacy at Snyk. Simon and Liran spoke about the current state of malicious attacks, how open source has become an essential tool for development but the right security measures are a must to prevent breaches.


 2022-12-13  41m

episode 122: Ep. 122 State of Cloud Security with Guy Podjarny, Simon Maple and Drew Wright

In episode 122 of The Secure Developer, Guy Podjarny and Co-Host Simon Maple spoke to Drew Wright, the primary author of The State of Cloud Security Report. In our conversation, we delve into the main findings, how data was collected, and essential lessons from the report.


 2022-11-28  44m

episode 121: Ep. 121 AMA with Guypo

In this Ask Me Anything episode we Guypo, we put Guy Podjarny in the guest chair, and had him field a bunch of really interesting guest-submitted questions.

In this Ask Me Anything session, you can expect to hear a few bits about Guypo's taste in books, how he likes to unwind, before we dive into some industry-specific content, and some rather interesting insights on the history of Snyk...


 2022-11-21  48m