WorkLife with Adam Grant

You spend a quarter of your life at work. You should enjoy it! Organizational psychologist Adam Grant takes you inside the minds of some of the world’s most unusual professionals to discover the keys to a better work life. From learning how to love your rivals to harnessing the power of frustration, one thing’s for sure: You’ll never see your job the same way again. Produced in partnership with Transmitter Media.

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ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence chatbot capable of generating human-like text, seems to be everywhere. But how trustworthy are these tools -- and what do they mean for the future of writing and work?



The psychology of fiction with Jennifer Lynn Barnes

As a novelist, Jennifer Lynn Barnes has earned acclaim from critics and fans alike – her series The Inheritance Games has sold over a million copies. Before she became a bestselling author, she was a leading researcher in psychology on what draws us to fiction – and how it affects us.



What animal intelligence reveals about human stupidity with Justin Gregg

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How Yo-Yo Ma sustains his creative energy

Yo-Yo Ma began playing the cello at age four, played for Presidents John F. Kennedy and Dwight D. Eisenhower at age seven, and has been touring the world since.



Life lessons from sports with Jody Avirgan

Jody Avirgan has played and reported on sports at the highest levels. After being one of the few professional Ultimate Frisbee players to be featured in a Sportscenter highlight, he pivoted to a career in radio, where he’s produced thoughtful stories on acclaimed shows like ESPN’s 30 for 30, Freakonomics, and 99% Invisible.


 2023-02-21  40m

Bringing out the good in kids—and parents—with Becky Kennedy

As a clinical psychologist, Becky Kennedy works with parents to raise good kids. She’s best known as Dr. Becky on Instagram, and has been called the "Millennial parenting whisperer" for good reason. Becky and Adam challenge the widespread belief that it’s a parent’s job to make their children happy, talk candidly about the surprisingly difficult task of setting and maintaining boundaries, and dig into the science and practice of helping kids (and adults) deal with the ups and downs of life...


 2023-02-14  41m

Soccer star Abby Wambach on being good enough

Abby Wambach is one of soccer’s all-time greats. But in 2015, after she retired with two Olympic medals, a FIFA World Cup Championship, and six U.S. Soccer Athlete of the Year awards under her belt, she wasn’t sure what would be next. In this jam-packed conversation, Abby shares how she rethought her life and work. She and Adam discuss the challenges with maintaining motivation, what makes teams great, and how to know when you’ve accomplished enough...


 2023-02-07  44m

Estonia’s Prime Minister Kaja Kallas on leading with strength and sincerity

Kaja Kallas is the current Prime Minister of Estonia – and the first woman to hold the position.


 2023-01-31  49m

Breaking free of stereotype threat with Claude Steele

Claude Steele is one of the most influential social psychologists of all time. As a Stanford professor, he’s best known for his groundbreaking research on how the threat of being stereotyped undermines our performance.


 2023-01-24  53m

The surprising effects of video games with Ash Brandin

As an educator, Ash Brandin’s mission is to make learning in school as fun as playing a game.


 2023-01-17  43m