Pokemon World Tour: United

Jake and Josh go on an adventure through the world of Pokemon, with the help of game master Alan and numerous special guests, in this actual play RPG podcast using the Pokemon Tabletop United RPG system!


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Act Two Interlude - Exciting Bikes! The Wacky Race On Cycling Road

Rose, Cobalt, and Cira could use a little low stakes fun after the recent Evolution+ fiasco. Unfortunately they get themselves into a race and make it very competitive. I guess tensions are still running high. Patreon: patreon.com/heyjakeandjosh Email: PW


 2019-02-28  n/a

060 - Rose Vs. Acantha! A Bold New Direction?

With the end of Act 2 at hand Rose, Cobalt, Cira, and Victor are confronted with some startling new information, And Rose has to fight for her and Bango's freedom. Can they stay together? Can Cobalt still become a cop? Does Cira blow her cover? And just w


 2019-01-02  n/a

Candlenights 2018

Rose, Cobalt, Cira, and Victor take a night off from their journey to celebrate the season of giving and cheer at Pallet Town's Candlenights Festival. Candlenights is a registered trademark Big Giant Head LLC Patreon: patreon.com/heyjakeandjosh Email: PWT


 2018-12-25  n/a

059 - Clash At The Homestead! Secrets Revealed!

Tensions are starting to boil over in the Jenny family, and Cobalt and Cira are caught up in it. Rose confesses something to her mother that doesn't go over well, and Victor makes panic sandwiches. Shannon Manor joins us for the penultimate episode of Act


 2018-12-20  n/a

058 - So You Wanna Be A Cop? Cobalt Joins The Academy!

Rose and Cobalt are tasked with finding out if Rose's sister Acantha is a Rocket. Their plan is to infiltrate the academy under the guise of joining. If it works is another thing entirely. Join Jake, Josh, and Alan in this duplicitous episode of Pokemon W


 2018-12-06  n/a

057 - Debriefing! Odessa Jenny's Deal

Rose, Cobalt, and Victor go to see Rose's Gram to talk about the Rocket problem. But her new bodyguard is a bit of a pill and Rose doesn't want to spill her secrets just yet. How does Odessa react? And can Cobalt stomach all this cop talk? Tune in to find


 2018-11-22  n/a

056 - Allez Cuisine! A Food Fight For The Ages!

Rose and Cobalt find themselves vieing for Mars's gym badge, but this battle is anything but ordinary. Do they have the culinary chops to win? Or will they be tasting sweet defeat? Porschia joins Jake, Josh, and Alan to dish out some judgement in this epi


 2018-11-08  n/a

055 - Special Invitation! Dinner at Mars' Bar!

Victor's friend Mars send him an invitation for a special event at an exclusive restaurant, and Rose and Cobalt are are along for the ride. But as the event progresses our two heroes realize that Victor might be setting them up. Porschia joins Jake, Josh,


 2018-10-25  n/a

054 - Thunderstruck! Clash At The Colosseum!

Rose, Cobalt, and Cira have their first match in the Underground Colosseum against the Rosie Ladies. Can they beat these grannies? Or will their aged wisdom get the better of our heroes? And just who is the man in the Ho-oh mask? Shannon Manor joins Jake,


 2018-10-11  n/a

053 - Enter: The Pokemon Colosseum

Rose and Cobalt run into Cira on their way into the underground Colosseum. The three find out that the rules here are not at all what they're used to. Shannon Manor joins Jake, Josh, and Alan in this episode of Pokemon World Tour United! Shannon is on twi


 2018-09-26  n/a