Professional Goblins

Every other Thursday from 7:30PM to 9PM EST, RPG industry veterans Mike Myler, Savannah Broadway, and Scott Gladstein get together with a new guest to talk shop! We broadcast live so join the discussion at! SHOW FORMAT Product Review Favorite current character/Character Lessons Favorite project we are working on Favorite new project we aren't involved with PATHFINDER/STARFINDER News & Speculation D&D 5E News & Speculation Other RPG News Other Media of Interest Current Kickstarters Guest’s Topic!

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episode 31: Episode 31: Mini-Episode!

It's just Mike and Savannah this week but we were off the air for a month and decided that the show must go on--so it did and much to our amazement, the discussion went completely full circle!


 2018-06-12  46m

episode 30: Episode 30: Scott D. Young!

Another Canadian doppelganger on the show today!


 2018-06-12  1h29m

episode 29: Episode 29: Miranda Russell!

After a hilarious recorded off-air start we welcome MIRANDA RUSSELL of Rite Publishing!


 2018-06-12  1h26m

episode 28: Episode 28: Keith Leiker!

This week's episode features guest KEITH LEIKER of The Lost Age RPG!


 2018-06-12  1h29m

episode 26: Episode 26: Haze Browne!

In this episode we interview the wonderful Haze Browne from End Transmission Games, start our review/considerations about Pathfinder, talk about diversity in the gaming industry, and much more.


 2018-06-12  1h40m

episode 24: Episode 24: Lyz Liddel!

This week we've got one of the Golems from Paizo (albeit a distant Golem) on the show! :D Savannah Broadway, Scott Gladstein, and Mike Myler welcome Lyz Liddell into the Professional Goblins lair and aside from one technical error, it was a great show!


 2018-06-12  1h39m

episode 23: Episode 23: Kevin Glusing!

Kevin Glusing is a great third party publisher for Pathfinder and we were happy to have him on the show!


 2018-06-12  2h1m

episode 25: Episode 25: Crystal Sully!

This week Savannah, Scott, and Mike welcome Crystal Sully to the show! She just wrapped up the thrilling Ultimate Beastiary Kickstarter and talks us through her success, insights into the RPG industry as a regular top-knotch artist, and much more.


 2018-06-12  3m

episode 21: Episode 21: Monica Marlowe!

We've got a veritable RPG Superstar for the guest this week: Monica Marlowe! We talk gaming moments, allude to mysterious past events, and much more!


 2018-06-12  1h28m

episode 20: Episode 20: Jacqueline Bryk!

This week Savannah, Scott, and Mike welcome Jacqueline Bryk onto the show! We talk LARPing, the different Worlds of Darkness, and much more!


 2018-06-12  1h35m