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episode 50: 3.41- Bread and the Constitution of 1793

That's the slogan that rallied the last remnents of the sans culottes to action...right before they got crushed by the Thermidorean Convention.


 2015-06-29  35m

episode 51: 3.42- The Whiff of Grapeshot

When the Thermidorean Convention introduced the Constitution of Year III, the political Right went a little nuts.


 2015-07-06  34m

episode 52: 3.43- The Conspiracy of Equals

The adventures of everyone's favorite proto-communist. k


 2015-07-13  36m

episode 53: 3.44- The War Feeds Itself

Control the central position. Move on the rear. Live off the land. Sponsor Link:  


 2015-07-20  38m

episode 54: 3.45- The Fall of Mantua

Bonaparte almost gets beat! But then he doesn't. Also don't invade Ireland in December. sponsor link:  


 2015-08-03  35m

episode 55: 3.46- The Coup of Fructidor

After taking a drubbing in the elections Year V, the Directory decided to just annul the results.


 2015-08-10  40m

episode 56: 3.47- The Directorial Terror

After Fructidor the Directory cracked down on the conservatives. They also created more sister republicans to systematically loot. Sponsor Link:  


 2015-08-17  39m

episode 57: 3.48- The Coup of Floreal

The Directory manipulated the elections of Year VI to block left-wing candidates. Meanwhile Talleyrand provoked the Americans into war and Bonaparte sailed for Egypt.


 2015-08-24  35m

episode 58: 3.49- The Egyptian Expedition

In July 1798 Bonaparte and his healthy, hopeful army arrived in Egypt. In August 1799 Bonaparte ditched his now demoralized, plague-ridden army and sailed for home.


 2015-08-31  41m

episode 59: 3.50- The Second Coalition

While Bonaparte was off trying to conquer Egypt, the rest of Europe mobilized against France.


 2015-09-07  33m