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episode 22: 7.18- Democracy In Action

The Provisional Government of France wanted a political revolution NOT a social revolution. Direct Link:  Give a Gift Get A Gift:  Tour! 12/4/17 LOS ANGELES, CA , 7:00 PM Reading + Signing   12/5/17 SAN FRANCISCO, CA , 6:00 PM...


 2017-12-04  42m

episode 23: 7.19- The June Days

In June 1848, France discovered class conflict.  Give a Gift Get A Gift:  Subscribe to


 2017-12-18  39m

episode 24: 7.20- Where Do You Draw The Line?

With German unification on the way, the question became who exactly was going to be unified anyway? Give a Gift Get A Gift:   


 2017-12-25  43m

episode 25: 7.21- Cracking Down and Backing Down

The Austrian Imperial Ministry had a habit of cracking down, but then backing down.


 2018-01-08  43m

episode 26: 7.22- The April Laws

In April 1848, the Hungarians won the right to national self-government. But what about the other nations of the Kingdom of Hungary?


 2018-01-15  33m

episode 27: 7.23- The First War of Italian Independence

On March 23, 1848 the Kingdom of Piedmont declared war on Austria. 


 2018-01-22  41m

episode 28: 7.24- The Turn of The Tide

In the summer of 1848, the forces of counter-revolution began to get the upper hand in central Europe. 


 2018-01-31  35m

episode 29: 7.25- The Parliament of Professors

The Frankfurt Parliament is the symbol of the liberal German Revolution of 1848. That's not a compliment. 


 2018-02-05  39m

episode 30: 7.26- The Battle For Vienna

After the Emperor declared war on Hungary, Vienna launched an uprising in October 1848.


 2018-02-12  39m

episode 31: 7.27- The Flight of the Pope

In November 1848, the Pope took flight.  


 2018-02-19  42m