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episode 10: Little Trip to Heaven (On the Wings of Your Love), Closing Time, Tom Waits [010]

Sam and Martin debate Waits’s influences as a singer and performer and his relationship to Frank Sinatra, and the ways they break expectations of songs and draw audiences in. Marble eggs also feature somehow.


 2015-09-23  11m

episode 11: Grapefruit Moon, Closing Time, Tom Waits [011]

As we head into the final tracks of Closing Time, Martin and Sam explore the sentimental side of Waits’s writing and the presence of unusual types of love in his lyrics.


 2015-09-24  9m

episode 12: Closing Time, Closing Time, Tom Waits [012]

In this final instrumental track on Closing Time, Sam and Martin sum up their feelings about the album as well as the interesting discoveries they’ve made in beginning the Song by Song project. They discuss arrangements, collaborators, lack of...


 2015-09-25  18m