The Secure Developer

A podcast about security for developers, covering tools and best practices.

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Ep. #24, Application Security with Omer Levi Hevroni

In episode 24 of The Secure Developer, Guy is joined by Omer Levi Hevroni, DevSecOps Engineer at Soluto, to discuss application security, OWASP, security 'mavens,' and more.


 2019-01-24  38m

Ep. #23, Automation with One Medical’s Zach Powers

In episode 23 of The Secure Developer, Guy speaks with Zach Powers, CISO of One Medical, to discuss the evolution of security at One Medical, what he looks for when hiring for his team, and why automation is a must.


 2018-11-20  36m

Ep. #22, Authentication with Yubico’s Stina Ehrensvärd

In episode 22 of The Secure Developer, Guy meets with Stina Ehrensvärd, founder and CEO of Yubico, to explore how hardware solutions like YubiKey can be an effective approach to authentication and security.


 2018-11-01  29m

Ep. #21, Managing Security with The RealReal’s Julie Tsai

In episode 21 of The Secure Developer, Guy meets with Julie Tsai, Head of Security for the RealReal, to discuss ways to manage secure systems and bridge the gap between security and DevOps.


 2018-10-16  27m

Ep. #20, Using ThreadFix with Dan Cornell of Denim Group

In episode 20 of The Secure Developer, Guy speaks to Dan Cornell, CTO of Denim Group, the developer security firm behind ThreadFix, a vulnerability resolution platform.


 2018-09-20  36m

Ep. #19, Measuring Security with Bank of America’s Allison Miller

In episode 19 of The Secure Developer, Guy meets with Allison Miller, SVP Engineering for Bank of America, to discuss the ways technology and security have intersected throughout her career.


 2018-08-28  35m

Ep. #18, Collaborative Security with HackerOne’s Marten Mickos

In episode 18 of The Secure Developer, Guy meets with Marten Mickos, CEO of HackerOne, a platform for vulnerability coordination and a bug bounty program that helps developers test and build more secure systems.


 2018-06-21  38m

Ep. #17, Security Research with The Morning Paper’s Adrian Colyer

In episode 17 of The Secure Developer, Guy meets up with Adrian Colyer, Venture Partner at Accel and author of The Morning Paper, a daily recap of academic articles in computer science. The pair investigates how researchers are discovering new side-cha...


 2018-06-06  50m

Ep. #16, Security Training with Elevate’s Masha Sedova

In episode 16 of The Secure Developer, Guy is joined by Masha Sedova, co-founder of Elevate Security, to discuss how training for employees (even developers) can help companies stay one step ahead of the pack when it comes to preventing a breach.


 2018-05-15  36m

Ep. #15, Enterprise Security with RedMonk’s James Governor

In episode 15 of The Secure Developer, Guy is joined by James Governor, Analyst and Co-founder of RedMonk, a developer-focused industry analyst firm. The pair discusses multiple ways that companies can be incentivized,


 2018-05-01  36m