The TED Interview

Sit down with author and podcaster Steven Johnson to hear from leading thinkers and creators from around the world. The TED Interview is a space for guests to further delve into their groundbreaking work, give us a peek into how they discover and explore fascinating ideas, and, in some cases, even defend their thinking. This season, we’re looking at the future of intelligence. Ponder how we can train ourselves to see into the future with Jane McGonigal, find the humanities in science with Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, and listen in on the thought processes of Pulitzer prize-winning novelist Jennifer Egan. Welcome to your front-row seat to great conversations with the world’s brightest minds.

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episode 10: Yuval Noah Harari reveals the real dangers ahead

Historian and futurist Yuval Harari has a story about the future that’s profound, exciting, and unsettling.


 2019-07-17  1h9m

episode 9: Tim Ferriss on life-hacks and psychedelics

Tim Ferriss gives an intimate look into the darker moments in his life, his Stoic philosophy and his new passion for psychedelics.


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Monica Lewinsky reveals the very personal price to public humiliation and explores how we can all do better.


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episode 7: Sylvia Earle makes a passionate case for our oceans

Dive deep into the fascinating, horrifying, hopeful story of the ocean with world-renowned marine biologist Sylvia Earle.


 2019-06-26  55m

episode 6: Andrew McAfee on the future of our economy

Is the future of our economy scary? Exciting? MIT research scientist Andrew McAfee argues that it's both.


 2019-06-19  1h21m

episode 5: Susan Cain takes us into the mind of an introvert

Susan Cain delves deep into this complex personality trait, offering ideas for better offices, better schools and better relationships.


 2019-06-12  48m

episode 4: Kai-Fu Lee on the future of AI

Technologist Kai-Fu Lee describes the high-stakes battle between the West and China in artificial intelligence and what it means for the future of work.


 2019-06-05  1h5m

episode 3: David Brooks on political healing

A plan to rebuild broken communities and offers actionable steps to live a more meaningful life.


 2019-05-29  1h8m

episode 2: Amanda Palmer on radical truth telling

How the future of creativity means asking for what you want


 2019-05-22  1h7m

episode 1: Bill Gates looks to the future

Microsoft founder Bill Gates takes us deep into his remarkable history and propels us into the future of technology and philanthropy.


 2019-05-15  44m