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The Tome Show is a D&D show that has grown to include a large number of shows each with their own focus and hosts. A variety of shows, including news, reviews, interviews, advice, actual play, and book clubs. The common theme, however, we love D&D and will never stop talking about the game. Find us at or email the show at

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episode 381: Storm Wyverns and Flower Faces (DnDeBrief 023)

D&DeBrief episode 023 - Storm Wyverns and Flower Faces Summary: This session features a challenging combat with Storm Wyverns... Does the entire party survive? The aftermath sees sharkface telling the truth about his crew and a how he gained his transfor...



episode 380: Of Duels and Defectors (DnDeBrief 022)

D&DeBrief episode 022 - Of Duels and Defectors Summary: Axley and Emmeryn start to transcribe the latest scribbles in the book of proofs. Khonnos parlays with Sharkface's second in command, Azenahnah, and learns that Sharkface really wants Marcel's amule...



episode 379: Toddeus Comes and Toddeus Goes (DnDeBrief 021)

D&DeBrief episode 021 - Toddeus Comes and Toddeus Goes Summary: What can an aged goat tell the party about an ancient magical book? The Book of Proofs has finished its evaluation so the group calls on Toddeus to help them decipher the coded proof. The gr...



episode 378: The Coral Dog (DnDeBrief 020)

D&DeBrief episode 020 - The Coral Dog Summary: A Coral Dog, a SkullSword, and a Book of Proofs! The party debates what to do with the dog-creature in the Hokka Temple and also try to decide what statement to write into the Book of Proofs for evaluation. ...



episode 377: The White Axiom (DnDeBrief 019)

D&DeBrief episode 019 - The White Axiom Summary: The group settles in to take a long rest and Emmeryn has a heart to heart talk with her mother, Reyla. When she leaves Reyla's hut she has an argument with Blaxley, who seems to have been eavesdropping. Kh...



episode 376: The Book of Proofs (DnDeBrief 018)

D&DeBrief episode 018 - The Book of Proofs Summary: Khonnos and Marcel plan their response to the duel challenge made by Sharkface's envoy. Emmeryn and Axley, with the help of a mage hand from Khonnos, try and figure out what the book with the skin cover...



episode 375: Goodbye Darkport, Hello Sharkface (DnDeBrief 017)

D&DeBrief episode 017 - Goodbye Darkport, Hello Sharkface Summary: Axley and Reyla are 'stuck' in the Curiosity with Blaxley Chillingquest and Toddeus. While the Goat discusses how to run a guild with Blaxley, Axley tries to comfort Reyla and find out if...



episode 374: Finding Leralak (DnDeBrief 016)

D&DeBrief episode 016 - Finding Leralak Summary: The group finds a way into the Cathedral of the Beak. The method used includes dancing lights, flying, invisibility, and a friendly but loud raven. They find their way to the top floor of the tower and int...



episode 373: Darkport By Night, Raven's Delight (DnDeBrief 015)

D&DeBrief episode 015 - Darkport By Night, Raven's Delight Summary: Axley and Marcel decide to investigate the Curiosity to try and find out how fast it can travel. They stumble upon a blue goblin infestation on the island and rush back to the village to...



episode 372: To Gate or Not To Gate (DnDeBrief 014)

D&DeBrief episode 014 - To Gate or Not To Gate Summary: Khonnos gives his answer to the Hokka Chief and a feast is set up in the party's honor. The group questions the living blue goblin and the dead one. They find themselves with many more questions and...