By The Power

Four men, two decades of cartoons, three braincells and a tendency to go completely off topic. If you're looking for facts and well made points, keep moving. If you love cartoons and talking nonsense, then take a seat and put your feet up friend, as we take a look into the crazy world of 80's and 90's cartoons. Brought to you by Stuart, James, Jamie and Kane. Show music by 'dan_ts_inferno' on Instagram.

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Whoa Mama, its me Johnny. Wanna see me comb my hair.. really fast? I'm supposed to tell ya about this podcast, but man I'm pretty. So I get it, these guys watch me and say some funny stuff and hey space. It's really, really, really big. So whatever ...


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Penny Crayon S01e08

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Ulysses 31 S01E06

It's me Nono small robot you know, friend of Ulysses. Im here to lighten things up as this episode is a bit Dark! The boys discuss this classic cartoon and how the Magician in Black is rather sadistic and a great cartoon villain. Kane tell us the se ...


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Biker Mice from Mars S01E05

It is a bit of a hot dog party on tonights episode, as we discuss the Biker Mice from Mars. Jamie suggests a career opportunity for one of the mice, James goes for the loud option and Kane crys inside a little as one of his favourite cartoons gets th ...


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 2021-03-03  1h16m

Bonus Interview - Tim Clarke Boglins Creator

In a special bonus episode Stuart and Jamie catch up with Tim Clarke, the creator of Boglins. He tells us about his journey from a puppet designer with the ‘Henson Company’, to the recent hugely successful ‘Kickstarter’ that sees the return of the B ...


 2021-02-28  1h7m

Ducktales S01E03

We might not solve a mystery or re-write history but in this trip to Duckberg we talk Disneys original Ducktales. In this episode Jamie has a very serious theory, James tells us his least 5 favourite ducks, Kane cant stop laughing and Stuart just wan ...


 2021-02-23  1h0m

Visionaries S01E02

It's episode 2 already and we're wondering what Merklynn is up to and which animals we would have as our 'totems'. Jamie asks if you turned into a shark and had someone in your mouth would they be inside you? We ask this and many other important qu ...


 2021-02-16  1h3m

He-Man S01E01

With just a power sword, amazing hair and very little clothing He-Man changed the face of kids cartoons. We laugh at Moss man, MekaNek and some tiny Skeletors as we take a look back at this legendary cartoon and Jamie tries to convince us he isn't a ...


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