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Tabletop RPG Podcast that talks about Tough subjects and probably has some fun.


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episode 224: Further down the Spiral of Delta Green with Brendan Carrion

Richie Reunites with Brendan Carrion to catch up with what he has been up too.  They talk mostly about Delta Green and other rpg hi-jinks .   More Full Metal RPGhttps://linktr.ee/fullmetalrpg



episode 223: Voices of the Players: Women in Tabletop RPGs

Kayla is joined by Lindsey and Liane they talk about getting into Tabletop RPGs as women. More Full Metal RPGhttps://linktr.ee/fullmetalrpg



episode 222: School Sponsored RPG Clubs

Richie and Kayla are joined by Liane and Mike who are teachers that run Tabletop RPG clubs at their schools. More Full Metal RPGhttps://linktr.ee/fullmetalrpg


 2023-02-15  54m

episode 221: The Magic of Fantasy RPGs with Christopher Grey

Richie Buzzkill is joined By Christopher Grey and they talk about what it is the magic of playing fantasy RPGs on the tabletop. Check out Chris's Kickstarter Dungeoncaster http://kck.st/3CQ4KkVMore Full Metal RPGhttps://linktr.ee/fullmetalrpg


 2023-02-01  1h2m

episode 220: Shelf of Shame

Richie, Kayla, and Noland pull some books off their shelves and shares them. If you want us to play any of these then hope on the discord and tell us which of these we should Deep Dive: Phoenix Dawn CommandHack the PlanetScum and VillainyPrimetime Ad...


 2023-01-18  47m

episode 219: Richie Rambles about the Past and Future

A quick one this week about the visiting some old haunts and the future of Full Metal RPG https://linktr.ee/fullmetalrpg


 2023-01-04  12m

episode 218: Beverages and Bullshit


 2022-12-21  1h17m

episode 217: DMing for Autism with TR Napper

Richie talk DMing for Autism with TR Napper (author of the amazing 36 Streets) and Kayla of Saving Throw Therapeutics. TR Napper Article http://nappertime.com/dungeons-dragons-gaming-autism/ Kayla's Biz https://www.savingthrowtherapeutics.com/ Full M...


 2022-12-07  1h5m

episode 216: Art what is good for....absolutely everything! (art in tabletop rpg books)

Richie talks with Noland and Special Guest Matt Orr of Wet Ink Games. We go on about Art in Game books and how it is used and so forth. Wet Ink Games links: wetinkgames.com https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jiangshi/home-the-haunted-house-map-buil...


 2022-11-23  1h5m

episode 215: Big Bad Con 2022

Richie is joined by his lovely wife Mrs. Buzzkill as well as Kayla Returns and brings her Husband Tyler with her.  We talk about our experience at Big Bad Con 2022.   https://www.bigbadcon.com/ Kayla's Biz https://www.savingthrowtherapeutics.com/ All the...


 2022-11-09  1h8m