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Brendan and Adam finally reveal to the world the origin of their fixation on bad leather jackets and sunglasses after dark. We have more new shit on the World of Darkness here! Brendan and Adam discuss their take on the World of Darkness as a multimedia ...


 2016-09-15  1h56m

027 - GMing Stylez of the Lich & Slaymous

Hail! Blasphemers! Brendan and Ben just returned from the long month of August, where they spend the final weeks deep in the bowels of the Shadow Fathoms eating psychotropic myconid children and tripping balls super hard with the dark elf shadowmancer Dr...


 2016-09-08  2h5m

026 - Lamentations of the Heather Girlfriend

POST CAFFEINE REHAB Brendan digs into topics with Full Metal Ben, the Warlord Amanda and his sponsor, Dr. Drew. Lotta rambling diatribes in this episode, but eventually Brendan does manage to get around to talking about his Lamentations of the Flame Prin...


 2016-08-25  1h26m

SHDWSWRN - 005 - Catalog of Darkness

Adam and Brendan come in with their best episode yet. We know that this isn't saying much, but hell, if we haven't kept your expectations low, we've been doing something, incredibly, incredibly wrong. Gen Con just having passed, Brendan and Adam go thro...


 2016-08-11  1h43m

025 - I Can't Believe We Paid For This with Keith

In which Brendan, Ben and the Mysterious Jeff meet up with their old chum Keith from the days of LepreCon 42 and discuss his new his company iPulp, his Kickstarter and his writing projects. Check it out!


 2016-08-04  2h1m

024 - FMRPG: Crit Hit, On Location!

In which Brendan and Ben take a second in a busy day of con gaming to address the assembled throngs of devotees, eagerly waiting, with baited breath, for each and every quivering utterance that might spill forth from the hallowed lips of the supreme lead...


 2016-07-21  1h11m

SHDWSWRN - 004 - Historical Settings

SHDWSWRN - 004 - Historical Settings by Presented by Carrion & Bailey


 2016-07-15  1h24m

023 - Brendan and Ben Get Lepre - Con'd

In which Brendan and Ben set up their very first table at a Science-Fiction/General Nerdery convention. What a hoot! Ben disappears to play 7th Sea while Brendan, the Warlord Amanda and Heather the Girlfriend hold down the table. Interviews with Ben Woer...


 2016-07-07  1h30m

022 - The Return

In which... Brendan and Ben return from the wastes. They have been exploring exaggerated landscapes. Exaggerated deserts. Exaggerated swamps. Those crazy forests where the trees have evil faces. They have battled. They have leveled up. And now they are b...


 2016-06-30  1h40m

021 - The Wrecking Crew's Josh

In which Brendan and Ben are joined by none other than Josh of the Wrecking Crew and their podcast, Podcast: the Wreckening. The three talk about the difference between rules light and rules heavy as opposed to crunchy vs. not crunchy.


 2016-05-19  1h0m