What happens when the DM says “F’ it! Be whatever class and race you want to be. You all get one free level adjustment level. But, oh yeah, you all have to be evil“? Hell if I know, but you can find out with Geekspective’s first original production Evil is as Evil Does! Every week until the DM just plain gives up, or the players kill each other, we will be posting audio recordings of actual Dungeons & Dragons play of this great, or possibly horrible, idea.

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Interphase 07: We Built This City

Josh and crew blaze through three seasons in The Quiet Year and introduce even more horrors into the world. All while Josh fights for his dream of a city...


 2021-11-03  1h21m

Disturbingly Good | MTG ASMR | Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Gameplay

Why hello. I didn’t see you there. I haven’t had a positive series of matches since 1891. I’m trying to change that with a curve-out Spirits deck in Midnight Hunt. Join me?


 2021-11-02  1h6m

253 – Table Top Crowd – Women are Werewolves

Kristin sits down with Julian and Corinne to chat about their new game Women are Werewolves were you play as nonbinary characters in a family where only the women transform into werewolves.


 2021-10-26  43m

Disturbing Zoo (Draft) | MTG ASMR | Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Gameplay

Why hello. I didn’t see you there. I’m playing a UW deck with lots of spirits and Disturb in Innistrad: Midnight Hunt. Join me?


 2021-10-25  14m

Uncharted Worlds – Session 2

You can find more information about the game at


 2021-10-22  1h18m

All League of Legends Worlds Music Videos Ranked | The Intangibles Break Down SimAnt

The Intangibles break down the weirdest Sim game from the 90s: SimAnt (28:58) | They also rank all of the League of Legends Worlds music videos (9:21)


 2021-10-22  51m

252 – Table Top Crowd – Suburban Consumption of the Monstrous

In this episode Kristin sits down with Sadia Bies and Banana Chan, the creators of Suburban Consumption of the Monstrous, an anthology of horror live action RPGs set in suburbia with themes of food and consumption. 


 2021-10-21  44m

Interphase 06: The Planet Itself

The final world/universe building game is under way with The Quiet Year with a full table of players! As is tradition, The Quiet Year goes places no one expects!


 2021-10-19  55m

Tryhard (Matches) | MTG ASMR | Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Gameplay

Why hello. I didn’t see you there. I’m playing the universally agreed-upon best colors in Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, and I’m hoping for at least a single win. Join me?


 2021-10-18  32m

251 – Table Top Crowd – Our Haunt

In this episode Kristin sits down with game designer Jammi to discuss his RPG Our Haunt which is currently on Kickstarter! - Kristin and Jammi discuss the B.O.B system, the playbooks in Our Haunt, Jammi’s research methods,


 2021-10-15  58m