What happens when the DM says “F’ it! Be whatever class and race you want to be. You all get one free level adjustment level. But, oh yeah, you all have to be evil“? Hell if I know, but you can find out with Geekspective’s first original production Evil is as Evil Does! Every week until the DM just plain gives up, or the players kill each other, we will be posting audio recordings of actual Dungeons & Dragons play of this great, or possibly horrible, idea.

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Multiplayer Commander Part III: Divorce Priest

Part III of our epic saga sees life totals finally, finally start to dwindle. There is light at the end of this alliance-breaking, board-wiping tunnel. This episode features morph synergy, ninjas, anime betrayal, and credible threats of divorce.



s2e30 The Mummy Lord

Knowledge of the Mundus Ward acquired The Demi Gods are on their way to take on the Mummy Lord! Beyond him though waits a dastardly puzzle!



Table Talk Session 12

Time to dance with tables, talk about grand galas, and dream of being other NPCs.



Zlambow, Thicc Eldrazi Titan

Today we are creating, live and on the fly, a Magic story based entirely on suggestions from fans, and basically we wound up creating something akin to a TNG episode. This show features corn dog talk, planesbreakdancing, alien abduction,



83 – Book of Summer – Gnab That Gnome

The patrol spies a spy!  (Look I'm getting really tired writing show notes, not sure if y'all have noticed yet. 2020 is really draining the energies out of me -Amber.)



Multiplayer Commander Part II: Pinky Swear

It’s part II of our epic 3-person Commander game! Place your bets now on how many 45-minute episodes the full series will take. This episode features double-crosses, triple-crosses, reckless spite (literally), beebles, and the end of a family.



s2e29 Dances with Vampires

Tickets in hand, clothes picked out, it's time to go to a vampire party! Will the demigods locate the mundus ward or will they be swept away in dance?



Extra Turn: Candy for Breakfast

NEWS! There’s just so much NEWS. So much NEWS all the TIME. We’ve got Zendikar Rising spoilers, trailers, 5 brand new set announcements, and Modern Horizons 2. This episode features an abundance of spoilers, coffee talk, and endless wild speculation.



82 – Book of Summer – Crab Battle

The newly formed Timber Wheel patrol squad begins their investigation.



The Magic “Story”

Amber and Kenny discuss the current sad state of the MTG storyline and what they would do to tell a compelling story through the medium of Magic. This episode features monster bonding, big booty turtles, Gilmore Girls, and corporate storytelling.