What happens when the DM says “F’ it! Be whatever class and race you want to be. You all get one free level adjustment level. But, oh yeah, you all have to be evil“? Hell if I know, but you can find out with Geekspective’s first original production Evil is as Evil Does! Every week until the DM just plain gives up, or the players kill each other, we will be posting audio recordings of actual Dungeons & Dragons play of this great, or possibly horrible, idea.

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Ep 177 – Evil is as Evil Does – No Poop No Pee

The Evil Doers go deeper into Tharizdun's temple. What odd things will they come across?


 2015-08-18  1h25m

Ep 176 – Evil is as Evil Does – Murder Corn and Mac Genie

A deal has been struck and The Evil Doers are onto their next dungeon delve. There is plenty that awaits them, such as murders corn or something.


 2015-08-11  1h33m

Ep 175 – Evil is as Evil Does – Tail Separation Anxiety

With evil all over Mauxferry there is opportunity abound for The Evil Doers if only someone could get over their tail...


 2015-08-04  1h39m

Ep 174 – Evil is as Evil Does – Homewreckers and Chiggers

Having done EPIC BATTLE The Evil Doers must regroup and assess the situation of their estates and their genitals...


 2015-07-28  1h12m

Ep 173 – Evil is as Evil Does – EPIC BATTLE TIME

The Evil Doers just need to get past the room of death and then it is EPIC BATTLE TIME!


 2015-07-21  1h17m

Ep 172 – Evil is as Evil Does – Evil Character Creation Party Time

A screaming bull with a melted person inside can only lead to a weird situation with The Evil Doers...


 2015-07-14  1h47m

Ep 171 – Evil is as Evil Does – Ghost Church

How does one escape a prison created by Pelor devotees? The Evil Doers must figure this out...


 2015-07-07  1h7m

Ep 170 – Evil is as Evil Does – Prison Escape

Crashing a comet into the capital building can only lead to good things for The Evil Doers...


 2015-06-30  1h18m

Ep 169 – Evil is as Evil Does – Inevitable Comet Crash

The Evil Doers are finally going to get to the bottom of the Time Tinkerer's Guild be it gnomes or comet collisions...


 2015-06-23  1h32m

Ep 168 – Evil is as Evil Does – Tarrasque Enhancement

Having freed an unknown woman what will The Evil Doers learn from her? How may she help them and what else does the Time Tinkerers hide?


 2015-06-16  1h45m