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Citizens of Tech 002 – Electric Space Trains

Happy 25th, Hubble. Fold my keyboard. Trains didn't (and don't) suck. Batteries are sexy again. Puking in your VR helmet. FM radio on Deathwatch. These and more stories on Citizens of Tech #2!


 2015-05-09  n/a

Citizens of Tech 001 – Knuckle Cracking Felt Animals

Citizens of Tech is an experimental podcast about technology and other things interesting to techies. We know there's other podcasts in this space, but it's something we really wanted to do, so we thought we'd give it a try.


 2015-04-25  n/a

Community Show – Our Briefing Review for February 2015

In this show, we discuss recent briefings we received from CloudGenix, Light Cyber, VMware, and Meru. We also go on a little rabbit trail about Brocade, because they came to mind. You know how we are.


 2015-02-11  n/a

Community Show – The Rash Came Back After 19 Hours

While Packet Pushers were covering the Barcelona HP Discover conference and we got together with some of the folks attending the event on the show floor. The result is non-coherent discussion about whatever topics each person wanted to raise and discuss.


 2014-12-31  n/a

Community Podcast: 8xCCIE Neil Moore and Orhan Ergun – CCIE Preparation

Neil Moore is the first and only 8 x CCIE in the world. Neil shares his CCIE preparation tricks, study methodology and many other important points.


 2014-12-10  n/a

IPv6 in the Enterprise by Jeff Doyle and Orhan Ergun

[player] Orhan Ergun and Jeff Doyle talks about IPv6 design and deployment considerations in the Enterprise networks. They strongly advice you to consider IPv6 deployment in your network. Why IPv6 in the Enterprise ,


 2014-11-27  n/a

Community Show – Killing the Spanning Tree with SPB,TRILL,Fabricpath from Anthony Sequeira and Orhan Ergun

[player] No country for old men !!. This week in the Orhan Show,  Anthony Sequeira and Orhan Ergun are talking about spanning tree , its drawbacks, spanning tree modes, technologies which can eliminate the spanning tree’s drawbacks or completely do not...


 2014-09-17  n/a

Community Show – CCNA Data Center Part1 with Anthony Sequeira and Orhan Ergun

[player] In this first part of CCNA Datacenter sessions , Anthony Sequeira and Orhan Ergun are talking about the topics in the blueprint. They identify all the technologies which you should know for the CCNA Datacenter exam.


 2014-08-25  n/a

Network Break 13

We have renamed the show to "The Network Break"


 2014-07-31  n/a

Coffee Break 12

The Coffee Break will be renamed to the "The Network Break" and will be getting its own channel on the Packet Pushers Network. But for this week, we talk about the latest news in networking and physical infrastructure.


 2014-07-17  n/a