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The last word in podcasting news. Every Friday James Cridland (⚡james@getalby.com ) and Sam Sethi (⚡sam@getalby.com) review and analyse the week's top podcasting news as covered on Podnews. They also interview some of the biggest names in podcasting making the news ... Support the show at https://weekly.podnews.net, or hit the boost button! ... Sponsored by Buzzsprout: podcast hosting made easy.


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episode 11: Spotify's financials; Leo Laporte, chief TWiT; Todd Cochrane; and an MA in Podcasting



  • Leo Laporte - Twit.TV

  • Todd Cochrane - Podcast hosting company Blubrry has released support for "value4value", a way to accept online payments from podcast listeners in apps like Fountain, Castamatic and Podverse. The company has partnered with Alby. With more than 100,000 shows using Blubrry, this is the biggest podcast host so far to natively support value4value...



episode 10: Dawn of a new age at Spotify. Become a supporter of this podcast thanks to Buzzsprout NEW subscriptions. Are new podcasts really 80% down?

Special Guest: Jack Davenport - Managing Director at Goalhanger Podcasts

  • Spotify has announced that almost 600 people (6%) will be laid off. Daniel Ek announced in a memo that Chief Content Officer Dawn Ostroff is to leave the company; "Alex [Norström] will take on the responsibility for the content, advertising and licensing work going forward"...



episode 9: Forget downloads, "Listen Time" maybe a better way to measure podcast success.


Special Guest Interviews:

  • Jonas Woost - co-founder of Bumper writes about "A better way to measure podcast success: Listen Time"

  • Lex Friedman is moving on from his role at Amazon and Wondery and is to become a full-time consultant at Lex Friedman Consulting.

Top News Stories

  • Exclusive: Google Podcasts has been removed from Google Search...



episode 8: Apple launches Delegated Delivery, and a look back at Google Podcasts in 2022


Show notes come soon!

Spotify chapters workaround.....



episode 7: Show Me The Value? Web Monetisation or SATS? Sell your RSS feed or start a video? What's best in 2023?


This week James Cridland and Sam Sethi talk about: 

  • PRX adds V4V using Web Monetisation
  • Spotify says its road to profitability is video
  • Spotify adds Chapters, Transcripts and Polls - all proprietary
  • OP3 starts testing a new stats page 

Chapters (hello, Spotify!)

(00:00:00) Podnews Weekly Review
(00:10:30) Laura Mayer sells an RSS feed
(00:12:38) Podcast One to spin off
(00:14:32) Is the...


 2023-01-06  57m

episode 6: 12 Podcast experts give their 2022 highlights and 2023 predictions. Benjamin Bellamy talks OP3, ActivityPub, Cross Comments. Dave Jones talks about NEW PodPing 2.0

This Week's Special Guests talk about their podcasting highlights for 2022 and their predictions for 2023.

  1. Mark Asquith - Captivate/Global
    - 2022: News Agents Hits 10m downloads
    - 2023: Higher Rate CPM’s

  2. Benjamin Bellamy- Adures/Castopod
    - 2022: Federated Social Networks
    - 2023: AI for podcasting (Stability.AI)
    Interview: Ad Aures support for OP3 and Castopod updates on ActivityPub plus Cross-Comments...


 2022-12-16  2h10m

episode 5: Data everywhere but whose number 1?


Show Notes & Links

  • Buzzsprout has posted its network statistics for November
  •  Spotify’s Anchor continues to lose market share: it was down to 21...


 2022-12-09  1h3m

episode 4: Why are Apple putting metadata topics inside podcast pages? Bumper's Dan Misener tells us what he thinks. Are Satoshis the best way to reward podcasters? Trevor Bell argues there are better ways.


Special Guests:

Dan Misener- co-founder Bumper

  • Dan Misener has looked at the new topics that Apple Podcasts is automatically allocating to shows (see our coverage on Nov 15, including our topics viewer). He's produced a number of network maps, designed to show links between different shows; and produced episode topic maps for every category in Apple Podcasts...


 2022-12-02  1h20m

episode 3: Spotify launches audiobooks globally. Anchor is still alive but Libsyn Studio is dead.


News & Links

  • Audiobooks are now available on Spotify in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand...


 2022-11-25  39m

episode 2: Is now the right time for ActivityPub? Is now the right time for Video Podcasting? If not now then when?


Special Guests: 

  • Chris Messina - co-author of ActivityStrea.ms - Full interview in NEW podcast Podnews Extra. 
The ActivityPub protocol is a decentralized social networking protocol based upon the [ActivityStreams] format used by Mastodon and Castopod. It provides a client-to-server API for creating, updating and deleting content and a federated server-to-server API for delivering notifications and content...


 2022-11-18  1h11m