This American Life

Each week we choose a theme. Then anything can happen. This American Life is true stories that unfold like little movies for radio. Personal stories with funny moments, big feelings, and surprising plot twists. Newsy stories that try to capture what it’s like to be alive right now. It’s the most popular weekly podcast in the world, and winner of the first ever Pulitzer Prize for a radio show or podcast. Hosted by Ira Glass and produced in collaboration with WBEZ Chicago.

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824: Family Meeting

Your mother and I have something we want to talk with you about.



653: Crime Scene

Every crime scene hides a story. 



791: Math or Magic?

When it comes to finding love, there seems to be two schools of thought on the best way to go about it. 



823: The Question Trap

An investigation of when and why people ask loaded questions that are a proxy for something else.



822: The Words to Say It

What it means to have words—and to lose them.


 January 29, 2024  58m

821: Embrace the Suck

People finding themselves in situations that are worse than they thought and deciding to really go with it.


 January 22, 2024  58m

567: What’s Going On In There?

Getting inside a situation and finding out just how interesting it is.


 January 15, 2024  59m

205: Plan B

There's the thing you plan to do, and then there's the thing you end up doing.


 January 8, 2024  1h0m

241: 20 Acts in 60 Minutes

All kinds of little stories that we ordinarily can't use on the radio show because they are just too short.


 January 1, 2024  59m

820: It Wouldn’t Be Make-Believe If You’d Believe In Me

A political party in a major swing state bets on a total outsider.


 December 25, 2023  1h2m