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This American Life is a weekly public radio show, heard by 2.2 million people on more than 500 stations. Another 2.5 million people download the weekly podcast. It is hosted by Ira Glass, produced in collaboration with Chicago Public Media, delivered to stations by PRX The Public Radio Exchange, and has won all of the major broadcasting awards.

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717: Audience of One

At a time when going to the movies is mostly out of the question, we bring the movies to you.



716: Trail of Tears

Writer Sarah Vowell and her twin sister retrace the Trail of Tears, the route their Cherokee ancestors took when expelled from their own land.



715: Long-Awaited Asteroid Finally Hits Earth

Teachers, students and parents around the country have been bracing themselves all spring and summer long for the start of this unprecedented school year. This week, it's here.



577: Something Only I Can See

A woman with muscular dystrophy tries to convince doctors that she has the same gene mutation as an Olympic athlete.



714: Day at the Beach

It’s the last few weeks of summer, so we’re going to the beach! This week, stories from the surf and sand.


 2020-08-17  1h4m

713: Made to Be Broken

From the moment we wake up in the morning there are a trillion rules — big and little — governing our lives. But sometimes, we encounter one we just can't abide by. In a pitched moment of rule-questioning, a show about rules and the people who break...


 2020-08-10  59m

712: Nice White Parents

Producer Chana Joffe-Walt investigates the inordinate power of white parents at one ordinary public school.


 2020-08-03  1h5m

443: Amusement Park

We head to some of the happiest places on earth: amusement parks!


 2020-07-27  1h0m

711: How to Be Alone

In space, in the ocean, by ourselves, or with others—we’re all just figuring out how to be apart.


 2020-07-20  1h6m

710: Umbrellas Down

As China's new national security law tightens its control over Hong Kong, we return to our episode about last fall's anti-government protests and check in to see how people are responding.


 2020-07-13  1h13m