Pokemon World Tour: United

Jake and Josh go on an adventure through the world of Pokemon, with the help of game master Alan and numerous special guests, in this actual play RPG podcast using the Pokemon Tabletop United RPG system!


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Candlenights 2016

This week, we're taking a break from the plot to bring you a fun, sweet, non-canon episode where Rose, Cobalt, Victor, and Cira exchange gifts for Candlenights. Happy Holidays from Jake, Josh, Alan, And Shannon! Patreon: patreon.com/heyjakeandjosh, Websit


 2016-12-25  n/a

018 - Threats In The Dark: Scramble Unleashed!

After a long, winding trek Rose, Cobalt, and Victor find themselves nearing the exit of Mt. Moon. But before they leave and continue onward they have to face something very stange and very deadly. Join Jake, Josh, and Alan in this episode of Pokemon World


 2016-12-14  n/a

017 - Confrontation! Throught The Maze Of Mt. Moon

Rose, Cobalt, and Victor have successfully trapped Billy from Team Rocket but how easy will it be to forge their way though Mt. Moon? Join Jake, Josh, and Alan on this twisting and turning ride through the mountain! Patreon: patreon.com/heyjakeandjosh, We


 2016-11-16  n/a

016 - Rose's Rival! Journey Into Mt. Moon!

Rose, Cobalt, and Victor have finally come to Mt. Moon, but getting in won't be that easy. There's a nosy Jenny blocking the way with grudge against Rose. And even if they do get by her, who know's what they'll find in there. Join Jake, Josh, and Alan in


 2016-11-02  n/a

015 - Battle On Route 3! The Groomer's Gift

Today's episode is a little bittersweet as Rose says hello to a new friend and goodbye to an old one. But not before She and Cobalt have a harrowing battle with two rock-type trainers. Join Jake, Josh, and Alan in this very sentimental episode. Patreon: p


 2016-10-19  n/a

014 - A Quiet Night: Saying So Long To Pewter City

After returning from the Pewter City gym, Rose and cobalt take a night to relax, recoup, and check in on a very loopy Victor. So join Jake, Josh, and Alan in this quieter episode where things are more cute than intense. Patreon: patreon.com/heyjakeandjosh


 2016-10-05  n/a

013 - Rematch Of The Decade! Rose vs Kent!

With Cobalt and Victor saved, Rose has one last piece of unfinsehed business in Pewter City: beating Kent for the Ancient Badge. Can she pull it off this time? Join Jake, Josh, Alan, and special guest Sky to find out. Patreon: patreon.com/heyjakeandjosh,


 2016-09-21  n/a

012 - Rose's Desperate Hour: Rescue Cobalt!

With Cobalt captured by Rockets, Rose has to call upon the only person she knows that can help get him back: Cira. Join Jake, Alan, and special guest Shannon as they journey to Mt. Moon to save their friends! Patreon: patreon.com/heyjakeandjosh, Website:


 2016-09-10  n/a

011 - New Friends, Old Enemies! Clash At Pewter Gym!

Rose and Cobalt take the next step on their Pokemon journey, and challenge Kent, the Pewter City Gym Leader! Does his friendly exterior hide something buried deeper? And do they beat him to gain their second badge? Join Jake, Josh, Alan, and special guest


 2016-09-10  n/a

010 - Gift Shop Escapades! Arrival In Pewter City

Rose, Cobalt, and Victor pick themselves up after a sad end to the forest, and engage in some retail therapy! But not before a harrowing fight with two Bug Catchers, and doing some archaeology! Join Jake, Josh, and Alan in this low-key introduction to Pew


 2016-09-10  n/a