Pokemon World Tour: United

Jake and Josh go on an adventure through the world of Pokemon, with the help of game master Alan and numerous special guests, in this actual play RPG podcast using the Pokemon Tabletop United RPG system!


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027 - Perfect Poke Partners? Kanto's First Trial!

After suffering a loss at the hands of Calico and Agean, Vermilion City's gym leaders, Rose and Cobalt go back to demand a rematch. But the gym leaders have others plans.. And Victor & Biscuit as hostages! Annie and Jonathan Craton join Jake, Josh, an


 2017-10-05  n/a

026b - The Pirate And The Spook: Battle At Pelipper Pier!

Rose and Cobalt arrive at the end of the Vermillion Gym and meet its two leaders: Calico and Agean. Can they defeat them, or are they too mad at each other to make a good team? Annie and Johnathan Craton join Jake, Josh, and Alan in the thrilling conclusi


 2017-05-24  n/a

026a - A Day At Pelipper Pier: Vermilion Gym Beckons!

With the nastiness of the Underground Passage behind them, Victor takes Rose and Cobalt to Pelipper Pier: an amusement park run by two over-the-top proprietors. But Rose and Cobalt have other plans when they find out the Gym is in the park. Annie and Jona


 2017-05-24  n/a

025 - Night Of Reflection: A Vermilion Skyline!

One year ago Jake and Josh embarked on a journey as Rose and Cobalt with the help of their new friend Alan. They had planned to play a few a sessions to see if this thing could work. Well it turns out that it could, and one year later they've made friends


 2017-05-24  n/a

Medabois United 019 - The Lower Tokyo Regional Robobattles Semi-Finals

Today on Medabois United Rosie and Carl face their rivals in an intense robobattle to determine who moves on to LTRR Finals. If they both win they'll have to face each other. Can their friendship survive that? Join Jake, Josh, and Alan to find out. Twitte


 2017-04-01  n/a

024 - Pokes And Rec: Stop Those Snovers!

With the weather being unseasonably cold and downright hostile Rose, Cobalt, and Victor had to evacuate from Cerulean to Vermillion through the underground passage. But now there's a pokemon park where Route 6 used to be, and a ranger named Rawley trying


 2017-03-22  n/a

023 - Winter Storm Woes: A Fight Under Ground!

Rose, Cobalt, and Victor wake to find themselves snowed in at Professor Sky's lab! They recoup from a rough night and make a plan to get to Vermillion City. The only safe way there in this storm? The Underground Passage. Join Jake, Josh, and Alan on this


 2017-03-08  n/a

022 - The Lab Awaits! Professor Sky's Tale

The gang finally makes it to Professor Sky's lab outside of Cerulean City, but it's not without it's problems. Cira's there sending information to who-knows-where and Sky has the arduous task of telling these kids about myths and legends. And that not eve


 2017-02-22  n/a

021 - Pokemon On Parade! Cerulean Contest Chaos

Rose and Cobalt compete in their first contest, along with a face from their past and two children. It's all fun and games until the points start adding up. Join Jake, Josh, Alan, and special guest Shannon Manor in this episode of Pokemon World Tour Unite


 2017-02-08  n/a

020 - A Night In Cerulean: Victor Shines!

With their third badges in hand Rose and Cobalt retire for the night. But their peaceful unwinding time doesn't go as smoothly as they'd hoped. The next day it's off to see the best that Cerulean has to offer: Pokemon Contests! Join Jake, Josh, and Alan i


 2017-01-25  n/a