Pretend Wizards: A D&D Podcast

Six friends play D&D (Dungeons and Dragons), and do their best as a mercenary company in the Country-City Atla. Will they become the greatest warriors who ever swung a pointed bit of metal? How long can they last uncursed and with all their limbs? You'll probably have to listen to find out.

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Episode 262 – Socialist Baguette

When a fight looks too dire, when the odds are stacked against you and defeat looks inevitable, sometimes the only real thing you need are friends . . .  and violent, body spasming sickness.


 2019-09-13  n/a

Episode 261 – Roasting Johncast

Trapped with a wall of death in front of them, and a wall of enemies in front, our heroes desperately bring their talents to the surface, in the hopes to get just that much closer...


 2019-09-05  n/a

Episode 260 – Remember To Breathe

Our heroes can only be patient for so long. As the black vehicle begins to burn, so does the situation heat up.


 2019-08-09  n/a

Episode 259: Black Palanquin

The heroes of Morty decide to start calling upon their allies, and the dates begin. Can the power of love help our player’s up another level?


 2019-07-19  n/a

Episode 258 – Red Gums

Slowly mingling with the strange crowd at the funeral, things grow quickly more and more grotesque.


 2019-07-14  n/a

Charity Stream Announcement

We’ll be streaming to help Vinnie’s family with their finances this Sunday on the twitch account mortiesboiz. Thanks so much everyone!


 2019-06-14  n/a

Episode 257 – Daisy Chaining Death

A gift from a forgotten god to their newest acolytes, writhing and powerful.


 2019-06-14  n/a

Episode 256 – The Rot

A dark corridor, a strange moss that swallows what it touches, and a strange party. Things are getting stranger, but when our heroes find aid, is the price too high?


 2019-06-07  n/a

Episode 255 – Almost A Joke

We’re Morty’s Boys, and we like to party. But it wouldn’t be an Atla party without a completely contrived puzzle mechanic!


 2019-05-31  n/a

Episode 254 – Baguette Inhalation

Warm up the grill at Sizzler, it’s time for these classy adventurers to get romantic!


 2019-05-14  n/a