Shattered Worlds RPG

Shattered Worlds RPG is an exploration of the new tabletop RPG by writer and podcaster Jeff Richardson of Everything is Awesome with Jeff & KC. Every week Jeff and a few friends take on the thrilling world of post-apocalyptic space adventure! We got 6 different races, a whole bunch of classes, perks and drawbacks, skills and powers! Get the game when it comes out and buy yourself the novels based on the gameworld. You can be a part of the action!

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episode 13: The Hungry Waitress

In this thrilling episode, Rael Esgaelion meets up with Aja, finds a fellow traveler, and makes the acquaintance of a super-cool Gilimorean chick. Also, he rides a somewhat less than cool floating moped.


 2017-04-23  1h1m

episode 12: The Science of Secrets

In this thrilling episode, we meet Mistral Tech and scientist Tavssa Ondassa, played by fantasy author Cameron W Kobes. Together we build Cameron's character from the bottom up, followed by a short session involving sneaking, chatting, and psychic...


 2017-04-19  1h33m

episode 11: The Superior Species

In this thrilling episode, RB-867 runs to the aid of the Deepwell Fortress Mainframe AKA Georgia and comes face to face with Gilimoreans from farther down the cavern. Tonga, Jemma, and Lemuel are looking for water. RB reluctantly agrees to help them...


 2017-04-12  1h23m

episode 10: running_greeting.exe

In this thrilling episode, we finally meet the player behind the mysterious RB-867, Zak Lane. We go through RB's character creation and run him through his paces. He meets Talon the Mistral and ponders the meaning of his own existence.


 2017-04-09  1h6m

episode 9: The Reluctant Spirit

  In this one, Talon is back and he's investigatin' the heck outta this place. He does his astral thing in the wide open rockfield and finds out where Nora was taken before she died. He finds the spot and offers an interesting proposal. Then...


 2017-04-05  54m

episode 8: The Widow's Desire

 In this episode, Talon wakes from a trance, finds Yifram gone, monks come to relieve him, then Talon meets the Prince's Widow. 


 2017-04-03  52m

episode 7: 1500 Eyeballs

In the next thrilling episode of Shattered Worlds: The Rising Tide, Steve Mathew's character, the Mistral Dreamwalker known as Talon, goes on a wild spiritual chase to find the identity of the surviving scientist. 


 2017-03-23  51m

episode 6: Pantsless Ceremony

In this thrilling nail-biter, Scott's character Yifram gets to the bottom of the mystery of Hungaderk. Also, Yifram cleans his pants. If only he had the power of Psi Cleaning we learned about last week!


 2017-03-22  55m

episode 5: Psi-Cleaning

In this thrilling episode, Talon levels up! He also flexes his psychic muscle on a poor unsuspecting scientist, learns all sorts of sweet secrets, and merges minds with one of the Gillies.


 2017-03-21  1h18m

episode 4: A Gilimorean Facelift

In this thrilling episode, Yifram Silvertongue officially makes the acquaintance of the party, Talon pacifies an angry Gilly, and everyone's invited to King Hungaderk's crappy little village. 


 2017-03-15  52m