Shattered Worlds RPG

Shattered Worlds RPG is an exploration of the new tabletop RPG by writer and podcaster Jeff Richardson of Everything is Awesome with Jeff & KC. Every week Jeff and a few friends take on the thrilling world of post-apocalyptic space adventure! We got 6 different races, a whole bunch of classes, perks and drawbacks, skills and powers! Get the game when it comes out and buy yourself the novels based on the gameworld. You can be a part of the action!

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h3m. Bisher sind 175 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Podcast.

Gesamtlänge aller Episoden: 8 days 42 minutes


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episode 17: (S4E17) Here You Are in Evil Tunnel Town

In this thrilling episode, Kev beats off some bots. The heroes reunite in the tunnel. Things go wholly off the rails.



episode 16: (S4E16) My Light Never Wavers

In this thrilling episode, our heroes engage some spooky creatures. Jeff tries (and fails) to make things scary. Peregrine blows through the earth.


 2021-03-03  53m

episode 15: (S4E15) St(r)ik(e) Zone

In this thrilling episode, Peregrine pets a dog. Ororo compels Sun Ra to assist the others. Shields repel the enemy. The necromancer speaks.


 2021-02-07  48m

episode 13: (S4E13) Seduce Your Own P'Zone

In this thrilling episode, Peregrine and Lindsey are split off from the group. They make their way through the dangerous tunnel. They arrive in a spooky underground city populated with all manner of spooky beasties. They make a friend!


 2021-01-06  1h18m

episode 12: (S4E12) I Don't Trust These Mushrooms

In this thrilling episode, Kev and Sun Ra are cut off from the others. Sun Ra lets Kev fly. Darkness reigns. The Power of Zero speaks.


 2020-12-28  1h5m

episode 11: (S4E11) The French Toastament

In this thrilling episode, our heroes have some nice dinner conversation, Kev and Lindsey enjoy a bit of socially distanced footsie, and Motumbo is confused by telepathy.


 2020-12-05  1h40m

episode 1: Kids on Bikes Sidequest: Tie Goes to the Offender

In this thrilling Sidequest Series episode, Aiden and Jeff play Kids on Bikes, with AJ as the GM! Jeff plays a headstrong, studious girl named Evi and Aiden plays a doting, rambunctious boy scout named Scout! It's tons of fun and a real wholesome good...


 2020-11-19  1h44m

episode 10: (S4E10) This Is Very Diplomatic

In this thrilling episode, our heroes get to know Wei Lan. Mo is impatient. Kev and Lindsey square off. Sun Ra steps in. Things get weird.


 2020-10-12  51m

episode 8: (S4E9) Steve on the Street: Undercover Bodega

In this thrilling episode, our heroes make the acquaintance of one Kev/Habten 190. Things get weirder from there.


 2020-09-27  59m

episode 8: (S4E8) Illegal Underground Bat Fight

In this thrilling episode, Kev emerges into the world of man; Sun Ra and Gert make landfall, and Lindsey gives lip to a powerful man.


 2020-09-08  1h16m