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with Dave Bulmer and Chris McFeely

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#99 - Dad's Been Messing Around In The 3rd Dimension

What did you watch on Saturday mornings? It's live! It's kicking! It's SM:TV...! It's the last epic buildy-uppy episode before the big one-oh-countem-oh. Sonic flings a bomb over Mobius, Robotnik has another lever, and Young Dave gets on the internet.



#98 - Two Arses and No Head

The revolution begins as Lew gives a call to action! Dave finally earns Chris' respect and loses it again! Two dangerous boys hack into a TV channel, only to play their normal content anyway! It'll make you come undone!


 2023-02-17  1h56m

#97 - Jimmy Carr Reading Rap Lyrics

After a few episodes of grumbling from the pod-Humes, we hit an issue that's banger after banger after banger. Inter-strip continuity, stakes, mature characterisation - but why? Why are all the strips ramping up, and towards what? Hmmmmm!


 2023-02-03  2h18m

#96 - It Isn't Clear What Bum-bum Is

We usually basically agree about STC don't we? Well not today, bub! One of us hated it, one of us loved it, and if you've been paying attention you'll guess which is which. But which way is your toast buttered? Oh yeah, also: our oldest-mannest derail yet


 2023-01-20  1h45m

#95 - Mac & Me's Oo-Face - with Jolene (@lesbianautica)

Newborn Jolene joins us (finally) for Amy & Tekno's first strip together as the team strengthens without Sonic. Er...? Also: Q is for Question, Q is for Query, and Q is for Quitting. (Not us. We're not quitting. But something is!! Can you guess what???)


 2023-01-08  1h53m

#94 - Great Responsibility You Sleyyyyg - with @darylbaxter

Merry Christmas, Boomers! Either you're doing your last wrapping or it's all over, your Argosses are all wrung and you've made your way through stocking after stocking after stocking. Now it's time to relax with us and look towards New Year 1997.


 2022-12-23  2h4m

#93 - I Shun the Twix

Yuuuu-el! It's tinsel time, Boomers, which means we can eat Heroes just for one day. So we've stuffed your stockings with all sorts of fun this fortnight. What have we got, we've got "Insect-Guy," we've got hot babes, Father Christmas, everything. Ho!


 2022-12-09  2h12m

#92 - Looks Gungey! - with ShayMay (@ShayMay_)

Hard men cannae abide thy milky drinks, but they can just about manage a pack of Haribo. Plus we find out we're being very mean about the literal nicest man alive, and we change our minds about Charmy.


 2022-11-25  2h1m

#91 - Going at Some Speed - with Owen (@MechaGamezilla)

It's distressingly late in 1996, and the boys are getting excited about Sonic in 3D. Dave lies to a teacher because the truth is too silly, Charmy reveals his big secret to a disinterested hater, and Owen dislikes good things.


 2022-11-11  2h33m

#90 - Blades the Pterodactyl

I can't be bothered to write a description for this one! Yeah! I can just decide to do that! How will you know what's in it now? Well, you'll have to listen to it obviously. What harm could that do? Eh? Find out: inside!


 2022-10-28  1h51m