Sonic The Comic The Podcast

with Dave Bulmer and Chris McFeely

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#57 - Slapping Sausages

Facts: All strawberries have warts in. Fact: There's a difference between the seaside and the beach. Speculation: Sonic and Shortfuse team up, the Wayne Gretzky title music must be by the same person as the Eternal Champions tune, STC is antifa. Hello!



#56 - The Cool Newsagents

Chris looks in them windows, Dave has the nicest Whippy in England, Abby lends her dog expertise and Dave recounts a very rude joke a man told him on holiday in 1995. Plus! A Graphics Zone we've been dreading for a long time now! Hoooofffffyah.



#55 - I Was Just Thinking About A Horrible Sweaty Man

How embarrassed would Dave be, do you think, if he talked at length about a man who drives a boat, but didn't realise that man invented Postman Pat? Find out! Also: Citadel Robotnik! Sonic on his hols! Emperor Metallix! Sac Magique! The joint is hoppin'!


 2021-06-25  1h59m

#54 - A More Powerful Boy Than Me

We answer all your burning questions. Who are the Chaotix? Why are there two Metallixes? What's the sourest thing Dave's ever had in his mouth? How do you eat an After Eight? Does Sparkster go to space? Find out! (Abby says Gamma is good actually, btw)


 2021-06-11  2h2m

Sonic Holiday Special '95 - For The Dude Factor

Buckets & Spades! A 99 with flake! Scatch on the beach! That's right, we're all goin' on a Sonic holiday special, with features you'll never believe: reprints, the opposite of a fact file, Kid Cruel AGAIN, oof, and WAIT til you hear the Chaotix review!


 2021-06-04  1h28m

#53 - Crying And Spitting - with Sooz Kempner (@SoozUK)

Our 2ND ANNIVERSARY EPISODE! Sooz is back for the FINALE of SONIC & KNUCKLES! AND the start of TOTAL CHAOTIX! AND! What are Smartians? Only STCTP has the answer. Sparkster begins, and Trippy's golden Knuckles finally explained!


 2021-05-28  2h1m

#52 - Huff My Jeans

The Floating Island vs the Death Egg! PLUS! What's the grossest thing Simon Cowell's ever done? Goodness knows, but we investigate a pretty gross one. Also plus! PJ & Duncan go snowboarding! Robotnik spurns a lover! And Chris says "martial arts gi" again!


 2021-05-14  1h44m

#51 - Virgin's Slippery Release

The DEATH EGG is launched, it has the Master Emerald, and it's poised to destroy the Emerald Hill Zone and all who live there! Plus: a Garfield hiding in plain sight, some 32X demos, the Beanoinest Sonic strip yet, and Bored of the Rings! (Speccy joke)


 2021-04-30  1h47m

#50 - Count 'em, FIFTY - with @TomCampbell

STC and STCTP both hit a landmark 50 EPISODES! Tom Campbell from A History of Sonic the Hedgehog joins the celebrations. Plus! it's one long fight scene for Metallix and Super Sonic! The Red Star and the blue star have a race! It's a GAS!*


 2021-04-16  1h57m

#49 - Dorrrrrrk Scummmm

Hidden Palace! Super Emeralds! Lava Reef! Death Egg! Eggrobos! METALLIX!! It's the Sonic and Knuckles story! Plus: what would 1995 Dave do with 4m quid? Who is Simpson? What if we LIKED a Tails strip? What's so good about Micro Machines?


 2021-04-02  2h1m