Sonic The Comic The Podcast

with Dave Bulmer and Chris McFeely

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#46 - One Last Road to Cross

A Final Farewell to the Streets of Rage! Also: this issue gives away a pack of the most mysterious, the most enigmatic sweets ever known to man, Chris tells his sweety stories, Dave crafts his own News Zone, and it's full-time for Marko. (yes? full-time?)



#45 - Horrible Bear Ham - with Abby Denton (@mizabitha)

Abby rejoins us (it's always the quiet ones) as we face the terrifying DEATH EGG, and watch it destroy our heroes, bodily. Also! Shorty makes his debut, and on top of all that, it's the Valentine's issue, so everyone gets paired-up with a pink counterpart



#44 - What I Understand To Be A Basketball Player

You're a cool kid now. Sonic's got a bridge to blow up, Shaq wants a Mortal Kombat, we learn some Tennis jargon, we find out what Star Wars is, in the episode that "moves in physical time". Twadgequiddle!


 2021-01-22  1h50m

#43 - Wishful Thinking Ketchup Face

Sonic goes guerilla against the construction of the Death Egg, Knuckles' main antagonists remain the Marx Brothers somehow, Robotnik is feeling all a-Scottish and we meet lots of beautiful Girl Versions this fortnight.


 2021-01-08  1h50m

Poster Mag Special - Goin' At It

Happy new year, Boomers! But before we launch into a BIG 1995, there's a bit of 1994 spin-off content that we skipped in order to do it as a special, and here it is. The LAST of the Poster Mags. Enter: Nigel Dobbyn!


 2021-01-01  1h0m

Tim Curry Noises

It's the end of 1994! Robotnik gets his own strip and it's Knuckles vs Literally the Marx Bros in this second bumper-sized Christmas issue! Plus appearances from a very special surprise guest to mark the occasion. Merry Christmas, Boomers!


 2020-12-18  2h16m

#41 - Mike Hadley's Tummy Nipples - with LittleKuriboh (@yugiohtas)

STC fan Martin Billany (he also makes Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged) joins us for a BUMPER Christmas issue this fortnight, and we chat on about our Sonic memories together. Mega CD lusting,Tomorrow's World 3D Stereo, a big Xmas quiz, and strips for Megadroid & Amy!


 2020-12-04  2h24m

#40 - Mentally Adding the Pie

Sonic hopes for T-shirt weather, the Eternal Champions bow out, Gary Gygax fails to create an RPG, Tweety's identity is contested, the True Identity of the Red Ranger is revealed, and we find out the secret origin of Mobius Eggs. Plus! A weird Speedlines!


 2020-11-20  1h42m

#39 - A Mass of Unwieldy Nonsense

What's the most disgusting thing you can do with a chip? Why was there a Rambo cartoon? What do football fans famously talk like? We flat-out reject a Sonic strip. AND KNUCKLES!


 2020-11-06  2h6m

#38 - Archer Maclean's Sonic the Comic - with Cat Kelly (@Wangleberry)

It's Halloween! And it's Bonfire Night! So we bend our sparklers and start whanging them around, especially when we get to the Frosties competition. Plus: Sonic is good, and TAILS is good?? (Marked E, but still not very explicit.)


 2020-10-23  2h4m