Sonic The Comic The Podcast

with Dave Bulmer and Chris McFeely

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#52 - Huff My Jeans

The Floating Island vs the Death Egg! PLUS! What's the grossest thing Simon Cowell's ever done? Goodness knows, but we investigate a pretty gross one. Also plus! PJ & Duncan go snowboarding! Robotnik spurns a lover! And Chris says "martial arts gi" again!



#51 - Virgin's Slippery Release

The DEATH EGG is launched, it has the Master Emerald, and it's poised to destroy the Emerald Hill Zone and all who live there! Plus: a Garfield hiding in plain sight, some 32X demos, the Beanoinest Sonic strip yet, and Bored of the Rings! (Speccy joke)



#50 - Count 'em, FIFTY - with @TomCampbell

STC and STCTP both hit a landmark 50 EPISODES! Tom Campbell from A History of Sonic the Hedgehog joins the celebrations. Plus! it's one long fight scene for Metallix and Super Sonic! The Red Star and the blue star have a race! It's a GAS!*


 2021-04-16  1h57m

#49 - Dorrrrrrk Scummmm

Hidden Palace! Super Emeralds! Lava Reef! Death Egg! Eggrobos! METALLIX!! It's the Sonic and Knuckles story! Plus: what would 1995 Dave do with 4m quid? Who is Simpson? What if we LIKED a Tails strip? What's so good about Micro Machines?


 2021-04-02  2h1m

#48 - A Selected Virgin - with @edensthings

The most accurate game-to-comic adaptation ever? Sit down with your Control Old Man and enjoy another episode of STC's *great* S3&K adap. And! Party memories! And! Rock & Roll Racing goes wrong! And! The Sega "Neptune" doesn't happen! And! And! And! And?


 2021-03-19  2h0m

#47 - The Kind of Bloke Who Has a Name

It's here: the BIGGEST Sonic story of all is beginning! Plus! Things get sexy in Dave's 1995 diary, CAP'N PLUNDER sets sail, Shinobi returns, there's wrestling Monster In My Pockets, decapitated foot toys and Lego Aquanauts, and the last bit of Shortfuse!


 2021-03-05  2h2m

#46 - One Last Road to Cross

A Final Farewell to the Streets of Rage! Also: this issue gives away a pack of the most mysterious, the most enigmatic sweets ever known to man, Chris tells his sweety stories, Dave crafts his own News Zone, and it's full-time for Marko. (yes? full-time?)


 2021-02-19  1h56m

#45 - Horrible Bear Ham - with Abby Denton (@mizabitha)

Abby rejoins us (it's always the quiet ones) as we face the terrifying DEATH EGG, and watch it destroy our heroes, bodily. Also! Shorty makes his debut, and on top of all that, it's the Valentine's issue, so everyone gets paired-up with a pink counterpart


 2021-02-05  1h54m

#44 - What I Understand To Be A Basketball Player

You're a cool kid now. Sonic's got a bridge to blow up, Shaq wants a Mortal Kombat, we learn some Tennis jargon, we find out what Star Wars is, in the episode that "moves in physical time". Twadgequiddle!


 2021-01-22  1h50m

#43 - Wishful Thinking Ketchup Face

Sonic goes guerilla against the construction of the Death Egg, Knuckles' main antagonists remain the Marx Brothers somehow, Robotnik is feeling all a-Scottish and we meet lots of beautiful Girl Versions this fortnight.


 2021-01-08  1h50m