Sonic The Comic The Podcast

with Dave Bulmer and Chris McFeely

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h36m. Bisher sind 61 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein zweiwöchentlich erscheinender Podcast

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#40 - Mentally Adding the Pie

Sonic hopes for T-shirt weather, the Eternal Champions bow out, Gary Gygax fails to create an RPG, Tweety's identity is contested, the True Identity of the Red Ranger is revealed, and we find out the secret origin of Mobius Eggs. Plus! A weird Speedlines!



#39 - A Mass of Unwieldy Nonsense

What's the most disgusting thing you can do with a chip? Why was there a Rambo cartoon? What do football fans famously talk like? We flat-out reject a Sonic strip. AND KNUCKLES!



#38 - Archer Maclean's Sonic the Comic - with Cat Kelly (@Wangleberry)

It's Halloween! And it's Bonfire Night! So we bend our sparklers and start whanging them around, especially when we get to the Frosties competition. Plus: Sonic is good, and TAILS is good?? (Marked E, but still not very explicit.)


 2020-10-23  2h4m

#37 - Telly's Good Sometimes

Feeliman and Bulmamuffin are in the house, Zig and Zag sty-lee, here to talk about The Den, and rattle off references to Dragon's Eye, T-Bag and all that old people stuff. ALSO: a really really good Sonic strip and some READERS' LEGO!


 2020-10-09  1h58m

#36 - The Tripledeckersaurus

Robotnik finally captures the Chaos Emeralds in the finale of the Sonic 3 adaptation! But why are they so unstable? How many Space Aliens are there? What is Sonic the Comic called?? Find out in STCTP(tm), "It's even more exciting than a sudden willy!"


 2020-09-25  1h58m

#35 - The Ultimate Question of This Podcast

Would you let Porker Lewis perform brain surgery on you? Are you a Girl With Kitten or a Biker Figure? Join the only philosophy group you need as we discuss lines cut from Hook and who isn't in The Pagemaster. #knuckleswaspink


 2020-09-11  2h13m

#34 - Sticker Zone

Knuckles fights Sonic, Dave gets closure on a teenage mortification, the Chuckle Brothers look for droids, and we talk about our sticker-collecting days as STC provides us with not one, not two, but four free sticker albums (by mistake).


 2020-08-28  1h57m

#33 - Pastille Day - with Richie Morgan (@wretchedmorgan)

Knuckles is here, what else do you want? Well Richie's here as well, to discuss the time he heard Knuckles in the toilet at work, and obscure flavours of Fruit Pastilles. Are you a Chinless Wonder? Have you ever eaten a penny sweet off a newsagent floor?


 2020-08-14  2h7m

#32 - His Name is Mister Squirty

What happens in this issue? I can't remember! I haven't had to edit this one, so it's all slipped out of my mind. But we have a whole section about Boots and squirty cream, and you like that don't you. You like that stuff. Plus, the first mention of S&K!


 2020-07-31  1h59m

#31 - Everybody Is Just Splatty Splidges & Squidges

It's a pop-packed episode this fortnight as the stars (plus one of the judges at a village fete in Skeggy) line up to cuddle Sonic and Tails at the Sega/Capital Radio Roadshow, but can you remember any of them? Plus: MUTANT LEAGUE begins; "North" is bad.


 2020-07-17  1h40m