The Big Red Couch RPG Podcast

Have you ever wanted to get involved in running tabletop roleplaying games and thought “But I have no ideas!”? The Big Red Couch is designed to show exactly how easy it is to get from random notions that stick in your mind to playable concepts, all through the medium of the kind of casually weird spitballing that gamers engage in at the best of times. In every issue, the intrepid contributors to the Big Red Couch brave the noisome wonders of The Mystery Box to produce a randomly-selected seed idea, then return Some Time Later to share what they came up with and discuss how those concepts might work as games. If we can do it, anyone can: that’s the whole idea. Along the road, we discuss what RPG systems might work for implementing different concepts, together with reasons how or why. This frequently involves adaptation of systems from their original settings to the point where they creak under the strain.

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Episode One Hundred And Thirty Five – Things Are Going Down At Disney Town

The AI cast members at the theme park became a vital part of the experience; A wild assortment of characters you could talk to who would always remember your name and were always happy to see you. Then things fell apart, and the people stopped coming,



Episode One Hundred And Thirty Four – Tempest Redeye Flight

Trapped by the snow, the handful of passengers on a stranded air-liner find themselves retreading a classic story. A Jovian gas extraction platform unexpectedly loses communication with it’s drill-head deep in the atmosphere below.


 2019-12-20  1h4m

Episode One Hundred And Thirty Three – Irritable Geography

Ben has a thesis on the role and point of travel in games, and the role and point of the encounters along the way. Deities of the Land deal with a threat to their domain and the people living there; Possibly in between shifts at work.


 2019-11-29  1h1m

Episode One Hundred And Thirty Two – (Big Red) Couch Surfing

Couch-Hoppers – A mysterious ‘game’ found in a thrift store couch leads to hours of fun as you try to navigate alternate universes to find your way home. Our Alternate Feed – A podcast discovers episodes they never made,


 2019-11-08  59m

Episode One Hundred And Thirty One – We HAVE Had Multiple Donkey Upgrades At This Point

Taz suggests a solo hex-crawler about exploring & prospecting to supply a newly founded colony. “We have to remake the world in order to save it” isn’t a situation that anyone wanted to get to, but once we found ourselves at that point,


 2019-10-18  56m

Episode One Hundred And Thirty – I Owe it All To My Digital Wristwatch

Time travellers attempting to blend in run into problems when they don’t know that they’re not using the right language. Cheesy 80’s Kids Shows, where sly end-of-episode comments are a private joke between the protagonists and the audience.


 2019-09-27  1h0m

Episode One Hundred And Twenty Nine – Aliens have landed at Gen Con and only stalwart games can defeat them!

Personifications of games emerge when the need is greatest to rally the forces of gamers in battle against an Alien Menace. Alien Invaders arrive, looking for the most loyal representative of Earth to battle for dominance in a symbolic competition.


 2019-09-06  46m

Episode One Hundred And Twenty Eight – Religious Cops Train To Fight Magic

The woefully underfunded members of the TZMP (Tserkovnyye Zashchitniki Moskovskogo Patriarkhata) must walk a line between keeping a low profile, maintaining interdepartmental peace with the uncanny Night Watch, and the disapproval of the authorities,


 2019-08-16  56m

Episode One Hundred And Twenty Seven – What Does “A Cheeky Nando’s” Mean?

In the post-Brexit dystopia, where any mention of the world outside of the Commonwealth is strictly forbidden, a shadowy folk hero emerged … Cheeky Nando. Working the grill at Nando’s confers awesome martial arts powers via the precise repetition of cu...


 2019-07-26  1h8m

Episode One Hundred And Twenty Six – Stranded

In which Ben goes back to a Big Red Couch standard notion of “something on a spaceship”, despite Craig having taken the approach of deliberately NOT doing something set on a spaceship. Not only is the ship fractured, but so is the crew,


 2019-07-05  1h44m