The Path Less Pedaled Podcast - Contemporary Bicycling Culture

Hosted by Russ Roca of PathLessPedaled, this podcast is for bike nerds with interesting conversations with interesting people in the bike biz. Topics include bikepacking, bike touring, small bicycle focused businesses, social media, gravel grinding and the future of bike culture.

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episode 63: Bicycles and Watercolors with Maria from Art-Toolkit

We talk with Maria, a watercolorist who has traveled on many scientific expeditions about bicycling, art and how she started the business of Support independent content!


 2020-06-04  1h1m

episode 62: ACN - Gravel Bike Suspension? Do you need it?

Alternative Cycling Network discusses the new Cannondale and Sunrace releases.  Gimmicky or gimme? Support independent content!


 2020-05-29  n/a

episode 61: The Cost of doing BIKE Business - Swift Industries

We chat with our friend Martina from Swift Industries about the realities of bike business and manufacturing.  Why are bike bags so expensive?  How has COVID affected their business.


 2020-05-28  1h15m

episode 60: Make the Dynamic Choice - Behind the Scenes with Ultradynamico Tires

Ever wonder what its like to start a tire brand?  We interview Ron (UltraRomance) and his partner Patrick on why and how they started Ultradynamico tires. Support independent bike content!


 2020-05-28  1h12m

episode 59: The People You Will Meet - Stories from Bike Touring

After years of touring on bike, the most profound memories are of those of the people we met along the way.  Some heart warming tales from our years on the road.  Audio from a LIVE Youtube performance. Support what you love!


 2020-05-28  56m

episode 58: Bike Components for THE PEOPLE! - Microshift Interview

We interview Gus from Microshift and talk about the void that SRAM and Shimano have left in the mechanical and affordable drive train market. Support what you love!


 2020-05-28  58m

episode 57: Wide Gravel Drop Bars - a good idea? with PedalPT

We interview Kevin Schmidt of PedalPT in Portland and get his opinion of the ultra wide drop bar trend from the perspective of a physical therapist and bike fitter. Support what you love!


 2020-03-19  27m

episode 56: Bikes and DISASTER! with Joe Partridge

Joe Partridge is not only a multi Trans-Iowa finisher (on a single speed!) but also works professionally as an emergency manager.  We talk about what constitutes a disaster, how bikes fit in and his go to bikes for the apocalypse. Support what you love: ...


 2020-03-18  28m

episode 55: Living the Dream with Spencer J. Harding

Spencer J Harding is a Radavist contributor, photographer and all around good person. We talk about bike packing with a tall bike, photography, touring and what new bike gear he is excited about. If you enjoy these podcasts consider supporting it via Pat...


 2020-03-18  27m

episode 54: Your Tires Are Lying to You (Myths and Misconceptions of Tire Pressure)

What do those numbers on the sidewall actually mean?  How do you find ideal tire pressure?  We sit down with Josh Poertner, the president of Silca and tire pressure consultant to riders like Peter Sagan and learn the intricacies of tire pressure. Support...


 2020-01-02  35m