The Path Less Pedaled Podcast - Contemporary Bicycling Culture

Hosted by Russ Roca of PathLessPedaled, this podcast is for bike nerds with interesting conversations with interesting people in the bike biz. Topics include bikepacking, bike touring, small bicycle focused businesses, social media, gravel grinding and the future of bike culture.

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episode 68: Austere Manufacturing -Making a Bikepacking Buckle

We interview with Uriel from Austere Manufacturing to talk about designing a bikepacking specific buckle!  So nerdy  Support the podcast by going to : or join us on Patreon at


 2022-06-13  35m

episode 67: What if Skynet Designed Bikes? (Interview with Ignite Components)

We talk with Ian from Ignite Components about "generative design" where an algorithm creates organic, Aliens-esque  optimized forms and how he uses it for bike component design.  Support the podcast by going to : or...


 2022-06-06  46m

episode 66: Bicycles Need a ReBrand (Chris from Propel Bikes)

Chris Nolte is the founder of Propel bike shops specializing in transportation focused e-bikes as well as a Youtuber.  We discuss the challenges of rebranding the bicycle in North America away from just riding for sport. This podcast is made possible by ...


 2022-05-17  54m

episode 65: The 90s Mountain Bike Whisperer - Old Shovel

Rob (aka Old Shovel on Youtube) is the 90s mountain bike whisperer.  In this interview we talk about the idea of a "restomod", get tips for buying a 90s mountain bike, as well as debate some pros and cons. This podcast is made possible by Arkel.  Find yo...


 2022-04-26  57m

episode 64: Rivendell without Grant? A Tour with Grant Petersen

We get a tour of Rivendell HQ from Grant Petersen and talk about bike design, the bike industry and what Rivendell looks like without him. This podcast is made possible by Arkel.  Find your perfect bike bag with their new online bag finder! https://tinyu...


 2022-04-20  36m

episode 63: Bicycles and Watercolors with Maria from Art-Toolkit

We talk with Maria, a watercolorist who has traveled on many scientific expeditions about bicycling, art and how she started the business of Support independent content!


 2020-06-04  1h1m

episode 62: ACN - Gravel Bike Suspension? Do you need it?

Alternative Cycling Network discusses the new Cannondale and Sunrace releases.  Gimmicky or gimme? Support independent content!


 2020-05-29  n/a

episode 61: The Cost of doing BIKE Business - Swift Industries

We chat with our friend Martina from Swift Industries about the realities of bike business and manufacturing.  Why are bike bags so expensive?  How has COVID affected their business.


 2020-05-28  1h15m

episode 60: Make the Dynamic Choice - Behind the Scenes with Ultradynamico Tires

Ever wonder what its like to start a tire brand?  We interview Ron (UltraRomance) and his partner Patrick on why and how they started Ultradynamico tires. Support independent bike content!


 2020-05-28  1h12m

episode 59: The People You Will Meet - Stories from Bike Touring

After years of touring on bike, the most profound memories are of those of the people we met along the way.  Some heart warming tales from our years on the road.  Audio from a LIVE Youtube performance. Support what you love!


 2020-05-28  56m