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“Three friends talk about how to be better tabletop gamers, interspersed with stupid nonsense."

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Episode 8: Post Gen Con Wrap Up

Noah and Adam regale Chris with tales of their Gen Con 2016 experiences. Talking Points: Driving through West Virginia, RPPR, Delta Green, panels, con games, and more…


 2016-08-22  1h27m

Unknown Armies 3 Panel Live Gen Con 2016

Live from Gen Con 2016:  Greg Stolze, Jeff Tidball, Cam Banks, and Colleen Riley give the lowdown on the upcoming Unknown Armies 3 rpg.


 2016-08-09  54m

Episode 7.1 Prepping for Gen Con 2016

In this special episode Noah gives advice to Adam on how  prepare for his first full Gen Con. Areas of discussion:  What to bring to Gen Con, eating at Gen Con, navigating the crowd, being sanitary at Gen Con.


 2016-07-24  37m

Episode 7: Character Creation

Character creation and party dynamics might not be the first concern when designing or starting a role playing game, but bad character concepts can ruin a game.  In this episode we discuss character creation. Areas of discussion: Character creation,


 2016-07-21  37m

Episode 6: About Us

It was recommended to us a few episodes back that we should probably introduce ourselves. So, in this episode we will briefly discuss ourselves, bad tattoo decisions, and what we wish to accomplish with this podcast.


 2016-06-23  51m

Episode 5: Interview With Caleb Stokes

Chris, Noah, and Adam break out the tin cans and string to interview Caleb Stokes about his upcoming Kickstarter for Hebannon Game’s Red Markets. Red Markets is an economic horror game set in the wake of a partial zombie apocalypse.


 2016-05-17  1h9m

Episode 4: Starting A Game

I In this episode we discuss how to start your first tabletop role playing game, and our favorite Channing Tatum films.  The two aren’t exactly related, but that was the way the conversation went.


 2016-05-05  52m

Episode 3: Interview with Greg Stolze

In our first interview Greg Stolze discusses his latest project, Unknown Armies 3rd edition, a horror rpg game that is currently kickstarting through April 29th, 2016.  Curious about the fate of the Freak?  Wonder whatever happened to the Scotsman?


 2016-04-20  1h5m

Episode 2: Preparing for your game & Gen Con 2015 reflections.

In episode 2 we discuss the prep work than can go into your game. Also included in this podcast is an another recording about our experiences at Gen Con 2015 that we initially planned as a separate podcast.


 2016-04-10  59m

Episode 1: Choosing a System & Genre

In our first episode we discuss picking a role playing genre and system to suit you and your players needs. Special thanks to Ghostmice for allowing us to use their song “Critical Hit” as the intro and outro of the show.


 2016-04-10  37m