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“Three friends talk about how to be better tabletop gamers, interspersed with stupid nonsense."

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Actual Play: Fear Itself – Ocean In The Forest Episode 5

Finally, our epic four-part one-shot comes to an end. Having survived the chaos of Eldarak the group tries to settle back into their normal lives, but some things can’t be put to rest so easy. Warning: This episode does contain references to animal cru...


 2016-12-19  3h24m

Actual Play: Fear Itself – Ocean In The Forest Episode 4

Trying to get a leg-up on the competition, our larpers descend deeper into the forest.  As emotions run high, Eldarak goes sour and they have to fight for their lives. Note: The conclusion of this mini campaign was accidentally published as episode 4 b...


 2016-12-19  2h20m

Actual Play: Fear Itself – Ocean in the Forest Episode 3

With Eldarak well under way, the larpers delve deeper into the forest and madness. Warning: The game is cut a bit short due to Adam’s daughter getting sick.


 2016-11-30  2h11m

Episode 11: Table Control

Today we sit down to discuss table control and how to implement it in both the real and virtual settings. Areas of discussion: planning, combat, table talk, group rolls.


 2016-11-27  52m

Actual Play: Fear Itself – Ocean In The Forest Episode 2

After having just witnessed and nearly been a part of a car crash, the four larpers finally arrive to Eldarak.  To win the LiveGame challenge these four friends will need to do some questionable to get the upper hand.


 2016-11-09  2h44m

Actual Play: Fear Itself – Ocean In The Forest – Episode 1

Eldarak is a live action roleplaying event that aims to take LARPing from pastime to profession.  Sponsor LiveGame entertainment aims to create a reality TV sensation with competitive LARPing.  Participants at the debut event, Eldarak,


 2016-10-23  1h35m

Episode 10: Interview with Jeff Barber

Upwind is a fantasy RPG currently being Kickstarted about exploration and survival in an endless sky filled with ancient technology. We interview the game’s designer, Jeff Barber, to pick his brain about non-traditional mechanics,


 2016-10-17  1h6m

Actual Play: Upwind – Gen Con 2016 Game

“Upwind is a narrative style RPG set in a strange alternate world of floating island nations, flying sailing ships, long lost technology, wild elemental powers, looming war and forgotten legacies.” Jeff Barber,


 2016-10-11  2h49m

Episode 9: Problem Players

Next on the Roleplaying Exchange, problem players and the GMs who love them. Areas of discussion: changes to the podcast, solving tabletop problems, rules lawyers, cheaters, and disengagement.


 2016-09-25  1h18m

Actual Play: Red Markets – Kickstarter Backer Game

Caleb Stokes, author, game designer, founder and owner of Hebanon Games, and RPPR co-host, runs a special game for his upcoming indie RPG, Red Markets, for Kickstarter Backers. Synopsis: The Road Crew, a group of takers from the Troutfit enclave ventur...


 2016-09-15  3h23m