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Episode 36 – Dimensions D6 RPG Kickstarter

We recently interviewed game designer Alton Wheelhouse about the upcoming Kickstarter for Dimensions D6 RPG.Dimensions D6 RPG is a brand new introductory Role Playing Game, specifically designed to teach new players how to play a complete adventure in ...


 2019-04-20  45m

Actual Play – Eclipse Phase – Acrimony EP 2

As Firewall agents track Chi down to her last know location, they find themselves pitted against a new threat.  A shadowy group know as the Confessors have been seen lurking around the mine of Kongyùn, dragging miners off into its depths.


 2019-04-05  2h43m

Actual Play – RM 10K – EP 44 – Trouble Trackers PT 2

Tora and Mash are in over their heads. Out of battery, exhausted, and having inexplicably beaten the shit out of each other, they’ve realized they need backup at the job site. Here’s hoping another member of Freelance got their SOS.


 2019-03-27  2h59m

Episode 35 – Interview with Ray Cox

Game designer and podcaster Ray Cox of [insert quest here] sits down with us to share his latest projects. Live.Love.Die.Remember, places players in the final moments between pilots and the mechs that love them.  Ray’s current project Live.Love.


 2019-03-18  1h21m

Actual Play – Red Markets 10K – Episode 43 – Trouble Trackers PT 1

Getting over the loss of a loved one is never easy, especially if your loved one is now a reanimated corpse shambling around the Loss. We here at Trouble Trackers understand your pain and specialize in humane means of helping your loved ones to rest.


 2019-03-10  2h42m

Actual Play – Eclipse Phase – Acrimony – EP I

Ten days ago Firewall lost contact with Chi on the Kongyùn habitat. Restored from backup, Chi and a team of Firewall sentinels travel to the back to Kongyùn to investigate the disappearance and settle an old debt. Sounds easy enough,


 2019-03-01  1h53m

Episode 34 – Fan Generated Content, Hacks, and Google Plus

n a topic that originally started as raiding the sinking ship that is Google Plus for great fan content; Patrick, Noah, and Adam discuss fan generated content and hacks for tabletop rpgs.   Areas of Discussion: · Masks Google Plus· A Nocturne (Blades T...


 2019-02-20  1h4m

Actual Play – Deadlands Reloaded – The Hell Outta Dodge

In an odd turn of events, three siblings from the Dodge clan find themselves reunited on a riverboat. However, their reunion is cut short when a group of armed river pirates set their eyes on the what the Pinkertons have stored in the cargo hold.


 2019-02-09  2h8m

Episode 33- Time Travel

Time travel can be tricky. Being a game master where players can travel to virtually any time or place can also be tricky, but rewarding if your players manage to punch a Nazi T-Rex in the face.  In this episode we sit down to discuss and compare TimeW...


 2019-01-24  1h12m

Actual Play – TimeWatch- Year Without Summer

A robot uprising in 24th century New York city has TimeWatch agents scrambling back in time to uncover the source. Will uplifted Soviet silverback gorilla Albert and Detective Baker overcome their differences to save humanity?


 2019-01-16  2h43m