Wizard Cops

Wizard Cops is a weekly actual-play RPG podcast set in an American Potterverse of our own creation.


Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h0m. Bisher sind 50 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Podcast.

Gesamtlänge aller Episoden: 2 days 2 hours 15 minutes


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episode 48: Season 3 St Patrick's Day Special, Part 1

It's St Patrick's day! What kind of crazy hijinks will your heroes get into today? Good thing none of them drink, especially not on the job. ALSO Tonight, come see the Poxy Boggards, the Sportive Tricks, and the Mer


 2018-03-17  1h4m

episode 47: Halloween Special 2017

As we join our heroes, it's the most wonderful time of the year - Halloween that is! What will Eric, Charlie, and Dean get up to on this most spooky night of the year? Find out on this week's thrilling Halloween episode!


 2017-10-30  1h55m

episode 46: Season 3, Chapter 2, Part 2

Your aurors were on the trail of some pernicious penny pinchers. Can team seven persevere in their perilous plight and perceive this puzzle and their prized prey's position? Find out on this weeks thrilling episode!


 2017-10-29  1h8m

episode 45: Season 3, Chapter 2, Part 1

It seems some wizard ruffians are robbing innocent muggles! Can your heroes track down the culprits?


 2017-09-27  1h7m

episode 44: Season 3, Chapter 1, Part 4

Eric, Charlie, and Dean have apprehended the renegade vampire and have deposited him safely back at the office. But upon returning to the graveyard for cleanup, Eric has encountered another vampire! Who is this mysteriou


 2017-09-11  1h20m

episode 43: Season 3, Chapter 1, Part 3

As night approaches, can your aurors apprehend this formidable foe? Or will the sun set forever on Team 7?


 2017-08-28  1h36m

Season 3, Chapter 1, Part 2

Previously on Wizard Cops, our beloved dramaturge Armand Rafa was accused of attacking the lead actor in Riddle the Musical. Can your aurors crack the case? Will they find Rafa innocent, or has this benevolent benefactor


 2017-08-01  1h14m

Season 3, Chapter 1

It's been two years since Eric, Charlie, and Dean exposed the corruption in New York City. Now, with Cordelia at the helm, the city has enjoyed a well-deserved peace. But what lurks in the shadows waiting to strike?


 2017-07-31  1h12m

Season 3 Announcement!

A very special, long overdue announcement from your friends at the NYAD


 2017-05-02  1m

Christmas Special 2015, Part 3

Team 7 has caught the corrupt Chief of the Aurors Department in the middle of a muggle Christmas event, but they've also been caught themselves by muggle security.


 2015-12-24  43m