25 Years of Vampire: The Masquerade

Join us in our weekly reviews of White Wolf releases over the last 25 years. Bob, Brennan, Chris, Mike, and Nick review the Classic World of Darkness books for White Wolf Publishing's games, Vampire: the Masquerade, Werewolf: the Apocalypse, and Wraith: the Oblivion, in chronological order. They combine their passion for the game with a dose of in-depth knowledge to help you decide which books to buy and which books to skip. VTM25 is the premiere White Wolf podcast!


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episode 43: Werewolf the Wild West

Bob travels to the Wyld West in our latest werewolf review!

Justin Achilli and Ethan Skemp
Based on Werewolf: the Apocalypse by : Bill Bridges, Robert Hatch and Mark Rein Hagen
Storyteller System by: Mark Rein Hagen
Written by: Justin Achilli, Mark Angeli, Phil Brucato, Tim Byrd, Jackie Cassada, Ben Chessell, Richard Dansky, Ed Hall, Robert Hatch, Harry Heckel, Heather Heckel, Ian Lemke, Ed McKeogh, James Moore, Nicky Rea,...



episode 35: New Wave Requiem

Brennan and DJ go back to the Decade of Excess and Greed in New Wave Requiem!

Written by: Jason Bolte, Christopher Simmons, Alex Scokel, Eddy Webb
Additional Material by: Justin Achilli, Kelley Barnes and Kevin Talbot
Playtested by: Kelly Bragan, Ryan Jones, Jay Pitchford and Jeremiah Rastegar
Creative Director: Rich Thomas
Developer: Eddy Webb
Editor: Anita Hager
Art Director and Book...



episode 42: Nuwisha

Bob and Brennan continue the 1st Ed Changing Breed books with Nuwisha! Tune in to hear the song of Coyote.

Author: James A. Moore
Developer: Ethan Skemp
Editor: Cynthia Summers
Art Director: Aileen E...



episode 34: Nosferatu - The Beast That Haunts the Blood

Bob and DJ enter the Necropolis in our review of Nosferatu: Thee Beast that Haunts the Blood!

Written by: 
Jess Hartley, Wood Ingham, Orrin Loria and Chuck Wendig
Developer: Rose Bailey and Joseph D. Carriker, Jr...



episode 41: Bastet

Bob and Mike open up our first Changing Breeds book, Bastet!

Written and Conceptualized by: Phil Brucato
Additional Caliahs by: Bill Bridges (Balam, Pumonca, Qualmi) and Richard Dansky (Khan, Simba)
Additional Brainstorming and Inspiration by: Wendy Blacksin, Bill Bridges, Brett Brooks, Lazerus Chernik, Cat Simone
Developed by: Ethan Skemp
Edited by: Cary Goff
Art Director: Aileen E...



episode 197: Second Inquisition

Bob, Brennan (partly) and DJ unravel the global conspiracy that is the Second Inquisition...


 2022-04-15  1h34m

episode 40: Kinfolk: Unsung Heroes

We sing the songs of Kinfolk because if we don't know one else will. You won't hear this at your next Moot, I'll tell you that.

Deena McKinney
Developer: Ethan Skemp
Additional material, ideas and research by: Forrester B. Marchinton
Editor: Ed Hall
Art Director: Aileen E...


 2022-04-08  1h28m

episode 33: Mehket - Shadows in the Dark

Join as we shed light in the shadows in our review of Shadows in the Dark: Mehket!

Written by: Howard Ingham and Christopher Lee Simmons
Developer: Joseph D. Carriker, Jr...


 2022-04-01  1h5m

episode 39: Untitled Episode

Bob discusses the Enigma of the Tribe of Stargazers...Welcome to the Gaiadharma philo 1100 course.

Author: Bill Bridges
Developer: Ethan Skemp
Editor: Aileen E. Miles
Art Director: Aileen E. Miles
Layout & Typesetting: Aileen E. Miles
Art: SCAR (Steve Carter &. Antoinette Rydyr), James Stowe, Drew Tucker
Comic Book Art: Alex Sheikman, colored by Lawrence Snelly
Cover Art: Joshua Gabriel Timbrook, colored by Aileen E...


 2022-03-25  1h18m

episode 32: Vampire: the Requiem - Savage and Macabre - Gangrel

Bob, Brennan and DJ read what may be the best White Wolf book published. I know, big claim, but tune in to hear why.

Written by: Chuck Wendig and Rose Bailey
Developer: Joseph D. Carriker, Jr...


 2022-03-18  1h26m