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Chase, Griff, Ryan and Zack sit down and roll some dice to tell some stories. Check us out at, @anotherpathpod on twitter, and the rest of our network of shows at !

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 53m. Bisher sind 79 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein zweiwöchentlich erscheinender Podcast

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Birds of Prey 3: The Nightmare Before Birdsmas

Come closer and gather round, dear friends and let me spin you a timely tale. About friends, about gifts exchanged, about a sick boy and a dark horse.



episode 65: Canopy: Jack

our heroes touch base with their allies, learn about what lies ahead and hear word from an old friend.



episode 64: Canopy: Godly Gifts

Today, our adventurer's loot a god's temple (with permission), and ask that age old question. "what's in the box?"


 2020-01-15  45m

Birds of Prey 2: The Big One

The Birds get a break in the case, find breaks in the ground, EVERYTHING IS BREAKING


 2020-01-01  1h30m

episode 64: Canopy: The Cinder Pontiff

Our heroes delve into the heart of the temple, only to find they aren't alone.


 2019-12-18  1h16m

episode 63: Canopy: A Very Big Barrel

A temple below the earth pulls our heroes from their journey above, but what will they find inside?


 2019-12-04  49m

episode 62: Birds of Prey 2: Marg'Ville

The Birds take flight to uncover mysterious dealings, and try to grab a drink, you know, while they're there.


 2019-11-20  1h2m

episode 61: Canopy: Candlemites

Fire burns within the earth as our heroes descend beneath the dirt and loam, to the protective rock that holds a certain temple to a certain forge god.


 2019-11-06  1h3m

episode 60: Canopy: Lucky

Once more into the breach with Zafiir, Mordecai and Jackson as they meet a new patron.


 2019-10-23  1h6m

episode 59: Canopy: Stride to Klove

Our party rides to Klove under unfortunate circumstances. No sooner do they arrive, when they hear a word that piques their interest.


 2019-10-09  59m