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Chase, Griff, Ryan and Zack sit down and roll some dice to tell some stories. Check us out at, @anotherpathpod on twitter, and the rest of our network of shows at !

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 53m. Bisher sind 77 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein zweiwöchentlich erscheinender Podcast

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episode 64: Canopy: Godly Gifts

Today, our adventurer's loot a god's temple (with permission), and ask that age old question. "what's in the box?"



Birds of Prey 2: The Big One

The Birds get a break in the case, find breaks in the ground, EVERYTHING IS BREAKING



episode 64: Canopy: The Cinder Pontiff

Our heroes delve into the heart of the temple, only to find they aren't alone.



episode 63: Canopy: A Very Big Barrel

A temple below the earth pulls our heroes from their journey above, but what will they find inside?


 2019-12-04  49m

episode 62: Birds of Prey 2: Marg'Ville

The Birds take flight to uncover mysterious dealings, and try to grab a drink, you know, while they're there.


 2019-11-20  1h2m

episode 61: Canopy: Candlemites

Fire burns within the earth as our heroes descend beneath the dirt and loam, to the protective rock that holds a certain temple to a certain forge god.


 2019-11-06  1h3m

episode 60: Canopy: Lucky

Once more into the breach with Zafiir, Mordecai and Jackson as they meet a new patron.


 2019-10-23  1h6m

episode 59: Canopy: Stride to Klove

Our party rides to Klove under unfortunate circumstances. No sooner do they arrive, when they hear a word that piques their interest.


 2019-10-09  59m

Announcing: Ghostlight Media

We are stronger together. Going forward your favorite voices from the nexus of theater and gaming are working as one, and we're adding some new faces to the mix! Ghostlight Media: Another Path: Shakesbeer: Zack and Griffin's Multiversal Petshop:


 2019-09-30  2m

episode 58: Canopy: Amberwood

Our heroes discover the source of the corruption (at least the magical corruption) and return to their journey, with a few new friends. Special thanks to Christina for reprising her role as Addie!


 2019-09-25  47m